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How Sticky Agent Feature in Call Center Solution Helps Enterprises in Optimizing CX

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 May 9, 2024

What is a Sticky Agent?

A sticky agent feature allows your customers to interact with the same customer service representative across multiple interactions or calls. This ensures continuity and personalized service, as your agent can easily understand the customer's needs and preferences based on their history.

By utilizing this feature, your agents can provide more tailored service, leading to increased customer satisfaction. Implementing this feature ensures reduced customer frustration stemming from having to repeat concerns to multiple agents and can expedite issue resolution.


As we have understood the functionality of this feature, let’s explore how this feature works:

  • When a customer initiates contact, a routing system assigns them to an available agent based on certain criteria.
  • The System then assigns customers to available agents based on skills, familiarity, and workload.
  • The System then ensures to keep the conversation flowing, avoiding customer repetition, and aiding agent assistance.
  • The system stores customer data for recognizing and linking returning customers.
  • The system maintains business continuity, allowing representatives to provide personalized service despite the increased workload.


At Pulse Telesystems, we offer the best call center solution with the sticky agent feature to optimize customer experience. This feature ensures that your customers are consistently connected with the same agent throughout their journey, empowering your call centers to provide personalized service.

By using this sticky agent functionality, you can build trust, continuity, and efficiently resolve customer inquiries.


Optimizing Customer Experience

The sticky agent feature has helped numerous call centers in offering personalized customer service. To maximize its benefits, call centers should integrate their call center solution with a CRM system. This integration allows call centers to fully leverage the sticky agent functionality and deliver exceptional customer experiences.


The Necessity

Call Centers need to deliver a simplified and personalized experience continuously for their customers if they have to thrive.


Improving Customer Journey

For instance, consider a large telecommunication provider handling thousands of inquiries daily. With the sticky agent feature, when a customer calls, they are automatically routed to the same agent who helped them previously.

That agent has full access to the customer's account details, service history, and prior conversations thus providing personalized assistance without repetitive questioning.


Building Trusted Relationships 

In sectors like banking and wealth management, developing trusted client relationships is critical. The sticky agent feature allows financial advisors to be permanently assigned to specific clients.

This continuity enables advisors to deeply understand each client's financial goals, risk tolerance, and preferences ultimately leading them to offer more tailored advice that builds stronger customer loyalty over time.


Refining Retail Experiences 

The sticky agent approach can transform retail customer journeys as well. Imagine you are shopping at a high-end clothing store, assisted by the same knowledgeable associate for all your needs. In doing so, the associate can offer a personalized experience for each customer that increases customer satisfaction and drives repeat business. The same applies to the sticky agent that helps call center representatives to deliver customized service, thus refining the customer experience.


Maximizing Operational Efficiency 

In addition to helping to deliver superior service, this feature drives operational savings by minimizing repeated questioning and reducing handle times.

With full customer context, your agents can resolve inquiries faster while providing more personalized resolutions. This results in more optimized resource utilization.


Business Benefits

As we have seen how the sticky agent feature helps in improving customer experience, let’s explore a few benefits it offers to call centers:

1. Improved Customer Satisfaction

By connecting customers with the same agent throughout their journey, call centers can provide a more personalized and consistent experience, leading to higher customer satisfaction rates.


2. Increased Efficiency

With the sticky agent feature, agents don't need to spend time gathering background information or repeating details, as they are already familiar with the customer's case. This eases the resolution process, improving overall efficiency.


3. Enhanced Customer Loyalty

Personalized service and effortless interactions fostered by the sticky agent feature can help call centers build trust and rapport with customers, ultimately leading to increased customer loyalty and retention.


4. Better Agent Productivity

By handling familiar cases, agents can work more efficiently, reducing the need for extensive note-taking or context-switching, which can negatively impact productivity.


5. Reduced Training Costs

When customers are consistently connected with the same agent, there is less need for extensive knowledge transfer or hand offs, potentially reducing training costs for new agents.


6. Competitive Advantage

Offering a personalized and consistent customer experience through the sticky agent feature can differentiate your call center performance from your competitors, giving your call center a competitive edge in the market.

Optimize your Customer Experience with Pulse

Want to take your call center to the next level? Pulse Telesystems provides the ideal call center solution to enhance your customer experience. Our calling solution is already integrated with the sticky agent feature and its additional functionality. This allows your call center to provide personalized service, reduce wait times, and upgrade customer experience to new levels. Book a session with our team to experience the specialty of our solution firsthand.

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