Unified Communication

Formerly, business telephony systems were a private branch exchange provided and managed by local phone company and this system accepted the calls and routed to the extensions within the business premises. The major shortcoming in this system was customers had to rely on the phone companies to manage the system and notify the phone companies each time when changes required. This incurred additional cost to customers. This prompted to develop powerful software that could increase the usability and manageability of the system.

As companies began to come up with IP networks in their environment, certain companies started to use these networks to use voice instead of traditional telephone network circuits. Some vendors used some hardware to interconnect the communication system to the IP network and few others came up with equipments to transport voice across a company network from one to other locations. This system required hardware at each location. In a later stage vendors realized the importance in getting rid of traditional PBX and replaced it with an IP based solution. This IP solution is software based and thereby need of equipment to connect outside the locality was wiped off.

Here stepped in Unified Communication Solution Providers. Unified Communication is a term used in the industry to explain all forms of call management functions controlled by a user for his business purpose. The objective is not to pay attention on the telephony part of day to day communications. Bringing together the entire communication in a single platform which provides mobility, presence and calling capabilities that could extend to all plan a person may use at his/her choice.

In the wide scope of Unified Communications, there was lack of solutions from proprietary vendors. There were many open source projects out of which Elastix based on Asterisk is a leading open source telephony project. Pulse entered the Unified Communications marketplace in 2010. The service includes integration of VoIP, GSM, PRI and Analog GW with features like voice-e-mail, voice recording, web conferencing, broadcasting, unified messaging, unified voicemail and other advanced business applications into a single environment offering the user a total solution in a simpler, customized and effective experience.

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