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Virtual Phone Number Service

Ensure your security and protect your privacy. Mask your number and maintain your anonymity with our call masking service.
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India's Trusted Number Masking Service

Want to implement a highly professional business phone system to broaden your business and reinforce its presence? Pulse offers a cloud-based virtual phone number system- a robust phone service to route your incoming customer calls to the right agent. Since it is hosted on a cloud platform, your virtual business number can discreetly mask your customer's numbers to ensure their privacy and security.

As India's leading service provider, we at Pulse know that virtual phone number services play an integral role in many businesses. This is why we've primed our service to benefit you in multiple ways. With Pulse, you have the freedom to choose area codes and glean insightful call analytics. Above all, call connectivity issues are non-existent with Pulse.

Conversion Rate
Tracks every inbound and outbound call to ensure you do not miss out on any potential business opportunity. Facilitates proactive engagement with customers and drives conversions.
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Monitoring & Analysis
Gleans insightful information from customer interactions with state-of-the-art recording and tracking features. Ensures timely decisions and dynamic actions with real-time analysis.
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Call Recording
Records and stores all inbound and outbound calls, thereby allowing you to listen to them at your convenience. You can analyse the calls and take the necessary steps to maintain quality standards.
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Call Analytics
Generates data-based, real-time reports that allow you to refine your strategies, make well-informed decisions and implement result-oriented improvements.
Call Routing
Ensures that the available agents can answer the calls directly from customers as the calls route to the free agents and helps reduce customer waiting time.
Consistent Prevalence
Facilitates the management of all business calls from any location. Forwards each customer calls directly to an agent's mobile or landline phone number.

Benefits of Pulse Virtual Number Services, India

  • Allows you to operate and manage your business and customers from anywhere at any time.
  • Facilitates the implementation of flexible and scalable remote working options for your employees.
  • Improves customer engagement by identifying and categorising all quality leads and nurturing them to lower churn rates.
  • Allows to track and measure your business performance through your virtual business number.
  • Enables call reports and call recordings on the cloud without the need to set up any hardware.
  • Offers flexible virtual number plans. All solutions will be available with multiple concurrent channels.
  • Cost-effective, customisable, scalable solutions and round-the-clock on-call support for every plan.
  • Enhances agent productivity by allowing them to attend more calls and resolve queries more quickly.

Engage Your Customers with Our Virtual Call Management Services

Use Cases of Pulse Call Masking Solutions
Customer-To-Vendor Calls
When the customer dials your organisation's virtual number, our call masking technology connects your customer with the vendor. Moreover, the vendor can use the assigned virtual number only till the current contract is active. 
Vendor-To-Customer Calls
When the vendor dials a customer, our call masking software creates a connection by masking the customer's number with the virtual number. The call can last until the contract is active. 
Number Masking Solutions
Customer and vendor's real numbers are hidden discretely during a live call. Our virtual VoIP number service is powered by cutting-edge technology, which allocates a temporary virtual number to both parties. 
Pulse Call Masking Solutions
Enhance Your Understanding of Pulse's Call Masking Solutions

How long should I wait to acquire my virtual business number?

Usually, we enable instant activation of your virtual phone number. At Pulse, we require basic documentation to verify your business. Our team will finalise the activation process after your documents are verified.

Can I choose my phone number?

It is possible to choose a local area code that does not correspond to an actual office but serves a market where you provide goods and services. By doing this, you can establish your credibility too.

How will your call masking facility ensure privacy?

The number masking service from Pulse is an advanced data protection measure that facilitates a seamless connection between two entities without disclosing their numbers. Our tool ensures the privacy of the agent and the caller's details. Also, our number masking solutions are being used to maintain trust and data security between clients and customers across a wide range of industries.

How can I acquire a virtual number?

As a leading virtual number provider in India, we offer local and toll-free VoIP numbers, virtual business numbers, and toll-free virtual phone numbers. Contact our team and obtain a local number from us today. Establish your local presence and earn the trust of your customers with Pulse.

Are there any roadblocks in installing a virtual number setup?

Getting started is seamless and effortless when you partner with a service provider like Pulse. We deploy a convenient setup process. Furthermore, the facility doesn't require any hardware installation, so you can start using it in no time.

How will I benefit from the features of your virtual phone number services?

With our virtual number services at your disposal, you will be able to establish and fortify your local presence, even if your organisation is not physically present at the location. Thus, you have the great advantage of expanding your business. Furthermore, with our automatic call forwarding feature, you will never miss even a single customer call.

Can I make outbound calls with my virtual telephone number?

Of course, you can. When you purchase user licenses within your account, you become eligible to use the desktop softphone, caller ID, and other advanced features.

How does a virtual phone number and a toll-free number differ?

Virtual telephone numbers are associated with existing telephone lines. The call masking system redirects incoming calls to pre-set numbers set up by the owner of the virtual number. On the contrary, toll-free numbers are free of charge for the caller. The owner of the toll-free number handles the cost of incoming calls. Most toll-free numbers start with 1800 and have 11 digits.

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