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Call Masking Using Virtual Phone Number - Advantages For Businesses

Globalisation and multinational corporations have made it possible to operate across national borders. However, it can be quite daunting to coordinate an international team of people. Fortunately, cloud-based services like virtual numbers allow you to maintain a hassle-free connection with your employees and customers, regardless of where you are in the world.

In today's scenario, technology, accelerated by the flu pandemic, has made it easier to use video calls, virtual events, and online education. Digital phone service providers take care of everything, and you do not need an IT branch or a hefty salary.

A phone number is important for small and medium-sized businesses and is a credible way to increase customer satisfaction. Virtual phone numbers or call masking are essential for business growth. Read our blog to learn more.

Call Masking Using Virtual Phone Number

What Is A Virtual Phone Number?

If you have recently established your presence in the online business world, you will need a business phone number to deal with customers and potential customers. One excellent option is a virtual phone number or number masking or call masking.

Virtual phone numbers are cloud-based phone numbers that can be used from any device connected to the internet. Virtual phone numbers function similarly to traditional phone numbers but without SIM cards. VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) is used to make phone calls.

A virtual phone number can provide advantages to a small business or freelancer. The factors that influence whether a virtual phone number is beneficial to your company are numerous.

How Can You Get Your Virtual Numbers?

As businesses scale up in size, communication costs tend to skyrocket and can even reach thousands of dollars per month with the right service. A virtual number could be a cost-effective solution to your telephone costs regardless of the business size.

The most common way to access virtual phone numbers is through a VoIP provider. Getting an online number involves teaming with a Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) service provider. You will choose a number and then port it to an existing phone number. You can also choose a new number.

To ensure easy accessibility and usage, service providers offer add-ons that help you track phone usage. There are many affordable options to get virtual numbers. If you have a small business, you can opt for a free number from Google Voice.

Benefits Of Investing In Virtual Phone Numbers


Virtual phone numbers are easy to distribute, can improve customer service, and are cost-effective compared to physical cell phone infrastructure. Businesses embrace the digital world with virtual phone numbers to save up to 40% on local calls. Using virtual numbers also allows you to reduce the cost of expanding your company's operations overseas.

Brand presence

Due to the lack of physical contact during the pandemic waves, online buyers prefer to patronise reputable businesses. If you want to increase the number of clicks on your products and services on the internet, you should have a virtual phone number. This will help you project a professional image at all times.

Better Customer Experience

Easy to distribute and a wonderful customer service experience are important factors for the success of an online business. Adding on-hold music and welcome messages to your Virtual Phone System can increase the quality of your service experience, as well as improve your understanding of your customers.

Better communication

Obtaining a virtual phone system will improve your business communication and allow you to hire people based on their skill set, cost, and availability. Dropped calls are reduced by using a reliable virtual phone number with virtually no downtime or reliability issues. Moreover, virtual numbers allow you to make and receive calls from your mobile phone. It can assist you in expanding your reach by placing a call centre in the palm of your hands.

Easy portability

A traditional phone system is installed in a fixed location and only works with a specific phone device. Unlike physical numbers, virtual numbers do not require physical cables, allowing you to make calls from any device. You do not need a SIM card to make calls using virtual numbers. Besides, virtual phone numbers can be used to receive and make phone calls on various devices, including smartphones, tablets, and laptops.

Automated features

Using cloud-based virtual numbers gives you amazing features such as:


With the Interactive Voice Response (IVR) technology, you can automate your communications and offer self-service tools and priority services.

Number Portability

Number Portability is a feature that allows you to move your number from one phone number to another. Changing your phone number during a campaign will negatively affect your brand image and sales.


Direct Inward Dialing, or DID, allows you to direct incoming calls to specific individuals or teams. You can track your marketing efforts by trying different phone numbers in different ads.


The click-to-call feature allows site visitors to schedule automated callbacks with businesses using Google and Outlook calendars.

Call Routing

A business can route calls to the most qualified sales representative for each call by using lead routing rules. This increases the likelihood of closing a deal and enhances the customer experience.

Easy maintenance

Business phone numbers give you the ability to sound legitimate without requiring expensive equipment. Virtual numbers remove the need for maintenance and infrastructure. All you need is a good internet connection and a device like smartphones, laptops, computers, or tablets.
Additionally, long-distance business calls are more affordable with virtual phone numbers and do not require the purchase of specialised hardware.

Effective monitoring

Virtual phone numbers can be assigned to specific campaigns to track the effectiveness of individual campaigns. You can purchase virtual phone numbers and assign those numbers to specific campaigns to track your phone calls.

Easy accessibility

In contrast to landlines, virtual numbers can be routed to any business representative or department, regardless of location. Because a virtual phone number is not tied to a specific location, it is easy to change your location and still be reachable.

Improved work performance

Professionals are well aware of the importance of maintaining a healthy work-life equilibrium. Having a Cloud-based number can help distinguish between business and personal hours. Once you begin to use a virtual number, you will notice increased work efficiency and a clear separation between your professional and personal lives.

Call Masking : An Ideal Choice For All Businesses

Setting up a virtual phone number as your primary business phone number is a brilliant move because you can scale your business as your company grows. With the help of a virtual phone number, you can get exactly what you need from your business phone system.

A virtual phone number enables you to be more accessible to your customers, which increases customer service and satisfaction. It also makes your business appear more legit. Using Call masking allows your business to minimise disruption to your operations, improve communication between departments and teams, and connect with top talent from all over the globe.

Go Virtual with Pulse

Pulse Unified Communication Service Provider, India, provides a variety of business numbers at an affordable price, and virtual phone systems encourage you to interact with customers at all levels of the organisation. With Pulse's virtual phone number, you can be available at your customers' service 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

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