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Number Masking - Ensuring Rock-Solid Customer Service

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Customer service and experience have become everlasting priorities in today's highly competitive business environment. Businesses are seeking every possible way to refine their customer relations. In turn, customers are impressed when organisations go out of their way to make their experience a good one, irrespective of the monetary value they deliver.

The recent efforts to improve customer experience focuses on privacy and anonymity. Companies are adding a new twist to the confidentiality element by using modern communication technologies. Thanks to Number Masking, businesses can keep their customers' information hidden in an entirely anonymous manner. This protected interaction solidifies the professional stance and conveys business ethics and principles.

Number Masking- What The Term Means

The term means what it implies- the numbers of the customers and the business are "masked" during an interaction. Number masking is a cloud-based telephony solution that requires no hardware installation. This feature allows two parties to establish communication without revealing the real phone numbers of both parties.

When the caller dials a masked number that's associated with the business. Similarly, the business representative can only see a masked number on the receiving end, which hides the customer's real number. In this way, number masking ensures complete privacy for both parties.

Infrastructural expenses don't matter to businesses that use number masking as company servers handle all the work. All they need is a login ID and a password. Most service providers offer number masking services on a pay-per-use basis, which is an economically effective solution.

Why Should Businesses Use Number Masking?

In today's scenario, businesses with short-term goals cannot survive the intense competition and the onslaught of competitors with long-term visionary objectives. It is imperative to stay ahead of the curve by embracing tech solutions that enhance customer service.

Number Masking is one such solution for organisations that want to:

  • Prevent unnecessary exposure of customer data and ensure that no one misuses their numbers.
  • Prevent off-platform transactions that you have not authorised or permitted.
  • Prevent embarrassing instances of customer harassment by people construing to misuse the client's number.
  • Record calls to have authentic and reliable information regarding a purchase or transaction.

There may be many more reasons for a business to opt for number masking. However, one of the prime reasons is the valuable benefits they stand to gain with this little investment. Let's explore what they are.

The Five Big Benefits Of Number Masking

1. Quality customer service

Number masking empowers businesses to deliver high-quality customer service. Nowadays, privacy is a major concern for customers, and number masking ensures absolute anonymity for every call.

2. Safer communication

Using number masking, your business can adhere to the privacy concerns of your customers. By ensuring safer communication channels, your company can prove that it genuinely cares about the protection of its clients.

3. Supervised interactions

Besides tracking your customer conversations, number masking software enables you to analyse the call patterns and take action accordingly based on the findings. Managers can also gain insightful information about the team's interactive skills and call-handling abilities.

4. Verification of updates

Instead of blindly relying on the executive's word, managers can listen to the call recordings and verify the updates regarding the call details and the customer's requirements.

5. Prevents unaccounted communication

When personal numbers are cloaked in confidentiality, the chances of future unaccounted interactions between the customer and the executive are eliminated. As a result, your executives have almost no chance to make unauthorised services to the customers.

Summing Up

Number masking solutions are predominantly used by logistic companies, cab and bike aggregators, e-commerce businesses, and the white goods industry. However, the solution is available for any business that aims to deliver exceptional customer service.

Pulse - The Best Number Masking Service Provider In India

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