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Key Criteria To Choose a Virtual Number Service

You may question whether a virtual number system is necessary for your small business. In most cases, you do! According to a recent survey, nearly 70%% of businesses are opting for Work From Home.

Choosing your virtual number can be quite a hassle if you do not know what you are looking for. Our article will guide you in selecting your number masking phone service and simplifying your business communications.

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Understanding How Virtual Phone Service Enables Number Masking in Detail

Virtual numbers allow you to interact with anyone in the world using any internet-connected device and has many advantages. Virtual phone numbers originated in the cloud and are tied to a pre-existing phone number you already own. These numbers get used when you have to stay connected while travelling or working from home.

Virtual phone numbers are good for sole proprietors who want to keep their home phone numbers private. They let you communicate with co-workers, employees or clients, no matter where you are. When people are working outside the office, a virtual phone number helps avoid missing calls.

Virtual phone services often comprise virtual receptionists, date integration, team messaging, and voicemail. Some services also include integration with Zendesk, Microsoft 365, Salesforce, and Canvas.

How Can You Get Your Virtual Numbers?

As businesses scale up in size, communication costs tend to skyrocket and can even reach thousands of dollars per month with the right service. A virtual number could be a cost-effective solution to your telephone costs regardless of the business size.

The most common way to access virtual phone numbers is through a VoIP provider. Getting an online number involves teaming with a Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) service provider. You will choose a number and then port it to an existing phone number. You can also choose a new number.

To ensure easy accessibility and usage, service providers offer add-ons that help you track phone usage. There are many affordable options to get virtual numbers. If you have a small business, you can opt for a free number from Google Voice.

Key Criteria To Look For In  Number Masking Services


Virtual numbers can provide a wide range of features. Hence, make sure you list the ones your business will need. Advanced number masking features will help your team thrive amongst any odds. If you need extra phone numbers,analytics, shared inboxes, integrations, other features, and call recordings, choose a provider who nurtures growing teams.

Other features include:

  • Call recording- Very handy for aggregating every detail on a call, but there are legal obligations for call recording.
  • Call reporting- Can be used to analyse your calls and make decisions about future optimisations.
  • Simultaneous call forwarding- When multiple phone numbers ring simultaneously until someone answers.
  • Scheduled call forwarding- When a call is forwarded based on the time of day.

Whether it uses VoIP or traditional phone lines

VoIP phone systems make use of internet to make calls so that you can make calls without a phone line. On the other hand, Landlines provide a multiline, corded set up connecting your office staff.

Customer support

By using a virtual phone, you need not rely on an in-house IT team. But, you will still need reliable support. Round the clock customer support does not guarantee reliability. Reviews by real-life customers are the best way to learn the truth about a company's 24/7 support.

If you want to ensure that your virtual phone system will work when you need it, check out its uptime history.


Assess the cost-effectiveness of the VoIP system before you start hunting for a virtual phone number. VoIP providers offer you different ways to grow and strengthen your business with better scalability, reliability and lower costs. When you go virtual, the internet powers your phone networks. It offers more flexibility and are less costly than the usual traditional phones. However, if you're moving your business number, find out who will port the number and if there's a porting fee.

Definition of minutes

The provider's definition of minutes is important to understand. Some companies offer call credit. Many virtual phone offer free trials or money-back guarantee periods where you can try out the product risk-free before paying any money. Some providers will allow you to add/remove phone numbers within their apps, and others will require customer service reps to make the changes. You can also choose to port in an existing number or choose from available numbers.

Reliable recovery systems

Check if your virtual number provider offers a recovery plan in case of an unexpected natural disaster or other debilitating situations. A recovery plan will ensure that your reliable data backup systems save and safeguard your data.

Number of extensions

You should ensure that various aspects of your business benefit from being accessed with an extension of your main phone number. An extension can be added by adding a short number after your main business number. This option will allow other departments to connect effortlessly with each other.

Get Connected Successfully With Pulse's Telecom Solutions

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