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The 101 On Virtual Phone Numbers

The Virtual phone system is a game-changer. It dramatically revolutionises communication in more ways than one, making itself an indispensable entity for the business world. The World Economic Forum predicts that by 2025, telecom digitalisation will gain an overall value of more than $2 trillion. And the virtual telephone system will be very much a part of that revolution.

Hence, it is only sensible to be well-prepared to take advantage of the sweeping transformation and unlock significant business value with a virtual telephone. If you are, for the first time, considering replacing your traditional phone system with a virtual one, you need to know more about it.

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How Does The Virtual Phone Work?

The technological magic happens via VoIP, which transforms voice signals into digital signals transmitted through the internet. If the recipient on the other end is a VoIP user, the signals are delivered in digital format. However, if the recipient uses an analogue phone, the system converts the signals to sound data.

So, why are experts persuading businesses to switch to virtual telephones? It is not without good reason that they are doing so. A virtual telephone is a far cry from a traditional phone system in every way- from the tangible hardware to the invisible technology that powers it.

We further explore six reasons why all businesses should consider making the switch to a virtual telephone and staying ahead of the competitive curve.

5 Best Reasons To Adopt The Virtual Phone Number

1. Curbs expenses

A traditional phone system is a big investment, and the bigger your company, the more phones you will need. The system requires costly hardware, professional assistance for installation, and regular maintenance. On the contrary, a virtual phone requires nothing more than an internet connection and a desktop, laptop, mobile phone or tablet.

2. Quick scalability

Users can structure the virtual phone system based on their fluctuating business needs. If the business expands with more employees and customers, one need not call the service provider to do the needful. The administrators can assign phone numbers to employees, create permissions, and synchronise their contacts with just a few clicks.

3. Local presence

Local customers prefer contacting local businesses using their phone numbers. It establishes an easy connection and helps the customers feel more connected with the business. Virtual phone systems allow businesses to use multiple area codes on a single account. This means that irrespective of where the business is headquartered, they can connect with customers of a locality using that specific area code. Thus, a business can fortify its local presence and increase its local customer base.

4. Data security

Privacy and security are top priorities for today's consumers. A recent survey states that 87% of customers are wary about companies that do not adopt sound security practices. Virtual phone numbers have call encryption. A technology called Secure Real-Time Protocol blankets calls with protection and prevents eavesdropping and phone tapping. It also encrypts all the call-related data and keeps them safe from hackers.

5. Omnipresence

One of the best things about a virtual phone number service is that it will work anywhere at any time. Unlike the traditional phone, it is not restricted to one location. With a strong internet connection and a device, you can use the phone number to connect to any remotely-placed employee. Moreover, the system is supported by several servers to keep the service active despite weather-related problems.

The Final Word

Every business needs to keep up with the changing times. It is the only way to stay relevant, scale-up, and expand your business prospects. Customers are also very demanding, and many of them prefer organisations that adapt to technological changes.

A virtual telephone may be a small change. But its significance and contribution should never be undermined. If you are thinking about investing in a virtual phone system, you need to team with a reliable service provider like Pulse. For businesses in India, Pulse Unified Communications service provider is the leading name for cloud telephony services. To get your virtual phone number, get in touch with us.

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