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How Can A Voice Broadcasting Service Help Businesses In India?

Voice broadcasting has been a great communication tool for decades. Businesses use it to structure their customer journey with satisfaction surveys, appointment reminders, delivery confirmations, and many more. With voice broadcasting services, a business can have satisfied customers. But did you know that companies also enjoy the benefit of voice broadcasting? Many companies use voice broadcasting with IVR as an effective tool for communicating with their employees and peers. Here is an insight into how a businesses use outbound IVR to improve communication with internal and external customers.

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What Is A Voice Broadcasting Service?

Voice broadcasting is an effective mass communication tool. With voice broadcasting, you can send automated calls to hundreds and thousands of people at once. A Voice broadcast can be customized, i.e. you can conduct personalized calls for individual customers. Efficient features like text-to-speech allow you to send different messages to an automated machine (voice mail) and a live recipient.

What Is An IVR ( Interactive Voice Response)?

An interactive voice response or IVR is an automated phone technology. It allows callers to gain information through a voice response system. The callers can respond by simply typing on their keypad or with their voices. Companies usually use the interactive voice response system to conduct surveys, capture caller information, qualify callers, and more.

Top Broadcasting and IVR Strategies To Improve Customer Communications

Send Reminders For Appointments And Scheduling

If you are running a business in India, you might have to conduct programs to promote your product. However, if there are a lot of no-shows, your business may suffer a loss. Therefore, to reduce the number of no-shows, you can use voice broadcast with IVR. You can send out reminders about the programs using the voice broadcast with IVR. There the customers will have options to accept or decline the reminder. If they accept it, the call will be transferred to an agent. There the agent will confirm the time and venue of the program. This can also be used for any appointment-based services, such as auto repair, appliance repair, and many more.

Send Renewal Reminders

Many customers often forget about renewing their insurance, subscriptions, annual maintenance, and more. Businesses that use outbound IVRS sends reminders to their customers about the renewal date of their services. When the customers receive the reminder, they can quickly call the respective agent and arrange for the renewal.

Conduct Surveys

For a business person, it is important to keep the customers satisfied. This can be done by conducting frequent surveys. Only with customer feedback you can improve your business. Pulse Unified Communications service provider is among the best voice broadcasting companies in India who can give you the opportunity to communicate with multiple customers at once and collect their input. You can prepare and send the survey questions through outbound IVR. Once you receive the customer feedback, you can start working on making necessary changes to your business.

Communicate Emergency Alerts And Updates

It might not be frequent, but businesses sometimes experience supply chain interruptions due to an emergency. With outbound IVR, you can immediately send calls to your customers about the emergency. You can also direct the customers to the right channel through IVR prompts. There the customers will be able to reschedule the service or speak to an agent about their concerns.

Ways To Improve Employee Communication With Voice Broadcasting And IVR

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Automate Employee Emergency Reports

When there is an emergency in an organization, the employer needs to inform all the employees. Using a telephone is usually the best way of communication. However, it is impossible to call each employee and inform them about the emergency. With voice broadcasting with IVR, the company can send out a pre-recorded message informing about the emergency.

Alert The Consultants About New Jobs

Businesses use voice broadcasting with IVR to connect with the consultants and notify them about new job openings. Each week, a new IVR phone survey will be sent to the consultants with the list of job openings. Interested consultants can type the option on their keypads, and if they want to know more, they will be transferred to an agent.

A voice broadcasting with IVR can help you improve communication with your employees and customers in various ways. With improved and excellent communication, your business can reap many benefits.

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