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How To Use Voice Broadcasting For Businesses In India?

Voice Broadcasting For Businesses

Voice broadcasting is an excellent communication technique, started in the early 1990s. It can help you pre-record messages. Once you record the message, you can forward it as automated calls to various phone numbers with the help of a centralized system. The message recipient can even respond to the recorded message by pressing specific keys on the keypad. With the help of video broadcasting, businesses in India can reap many benefits. This article gives an insight into the features of video broadcasting.

Important Features Of Voice Broadcasting

Voice broadcasting has many features, including the below.

  1. Text-to-speech: With this feature, you can personalize the messages for an individual recipient. Names and other details can be added to the specific fields by importing contact details from message lists or call logs.
  2. Dialer: The voice broadcasting has a power dialer that automatically dials the recipient's number you have entered. Such a feature makes voice broadcasting an effective communication tool.
  3. Recording : An efficient voice broadcasting system can distinguish between a voice mail (answering device) and a live recipient. Therefore, it is intelligent enough to deliver different messages for the voice mail and a live recipient. For example, if a call gets diverted to an answering machine, the video broadcasting system will leave a message requesting a call back at a certain time.
  1. Opt-out Messages: The video broadcasting system has an opt-out option, like having the unsubscribe option in messages and e-mails. This feature allows the customers to opt-out of the messages and calls from the business.
  2. Live Call Transfer: If people are interested in your business or want to know more about it, live call transfer can connect to an agent. This feature can make instant lead generation, and there will be a higher chance of a conversion.
  3. Analytics: This feature can help you analyze your campaign’s performance. Video broadcasting system analytics include information on how many people have accepted your call. It also checks how many people have responded and ignored your calls and messages. With such crisp information, you will be able to plan your campaigns more efficiently.

Different Ways To Use Voice Broadcasting

Voice broadcasting can be used for various purposes, and some of them are:

1. Surveys:

Most organizations agree that voice broadcasting is one of the best ways to conduct customer surveys. If you plan to launch a new product in India or want to know how customers are receiving your existing products, conducting a survey can help. With the feedback from the survey, you can take steps to improve the product and attain your customer’s expectations. Such steps can help boost brand efficiency and reputation. In order to conduct surveys, record all the questions that you need to ask and input the details in the software. The text-to-speech feature will help prepare the questionnaire, and the system will call the customers and collect the feedback.

2. Event Invitations:

The best way to stay in a customer’s mind is to host webinars or virtual events on specific topics that are important in their lives. If the events and webinars are engaging, there will be higher chances of conversion. However, to let the customers know about such events, you will need a good plan. With voice broadcasting, you can remind the registered customers about the event. By doing this, you can increase the attendance for the event.

3. Renewals Or Appointment Reminders:

In this busy world, people tend to forget about renewing their subscriptions, insurance, annual maintenance, and many more related things. However, it is now easier to remind the customers about the renewals with Pulse unified communication service provider’s voice broadcasting system.

4. Offer Updates

Gone are the days where you had to personally go for door-to-door marketing. These days, sending out e-mails is one of the most cost-effective ways to do marketing. Through voice broadcasting, you can let the customer know about your new product. When they get a personalized call, they tend to listen more.
A Voice broadcasting system helps you reach hundreds of people at once. Once you understand the features of voice broadcasting, you can use it to make your business successful.

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