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What Makes Voice Broadcasting The Most Effective Way Of Retail Marketing?

Retail marketing can be an arduous challenge for small businesses, especially when there is a large consumer base to cover in a country like India. The need to reach maximum customers becomes even more important when you are competing against established businesses that use the most upcoming technology tools. In spite of the fact that information technology tools such as social media, email, and SEO marketing can reach an enormous audience, it is not enough to reach an audience with a definite technological background.

Thanks to emerging voice broadcasting software, retail marketing has taken a new turn that can speed up your toiling sales. Before we delve into what voice broadcasting has to offer, here is a brief look at some modern tools that have greatly improved marketing techniques.

Voice Broadcasting Software

Modern Ways Of Reaching The Consumers

The retail industry is becoming increasingly consumer-centric, with marketers eager to empathize with their customers. Even the most impulsive customer needs a push in the right direction. Marketers are aware of these touchpoints and are striving hard to align themselves with their clients. Their right nudge will guide customers to purchase their products and services. If not, their competitors might reach out.

Listed below are three marketing channels that can maximize your reach no matter what type of retailer you are.

Integrated Functionality

Email marketing campaign: This is one of the easiest and most affordable marketing strategies currently available. You can keep your customers coming back by sending regular emails promoting your merchandise or offering incentives along with e-bills. There are several free email marketing tools available for executing successful campaigns.

Social media: Social media is often described as the best medium to display your products and services. Social media is one of the most popular marketing channels today. In addition to ensuring maximum outreach, social media also keeps consumers engaged.

Voice broadcasting: An upcoming marketing channel, voice broadcasting software stands out for its ease of use. Voice broadcasting allows for the simultaneous scheduling of calls to hundreds of customers and is regarded as the most persuasive form of marketing.

The use of voice broadcasting software by retailers can benefit them in several ways. Here in this article, Pulse Unified Communications service provider explains why voice broadcasting is the most trending form of retail marketing in the near future.

7 reasons voice broadcasting would be the future

1. Ease of use

Marketers can broadcast their messages simultaneously to hundreds of customers with voice broadcasting software. Besides reaching a large number of customers at a time, it is relatively easy to implement. This versatility makes voice broadcasting one of the best marketing techniques for retailers.

2. Customizes calls

Apart from being easy to implement, voice broadcasting software allows segmenting lists of customers based on what they buy or what language they speak. Even the call schedules can be customized to fit the receivers. It ensures that your customers' needs are met on an individual basis.

3. Cost-effective

Reaching hundreds of customers at once is more economical than reaching out to them individually. Voice broadcasting services send audio files to the list of numbers in a single push of a button.

4. Multiple uses

You can also use voice broadcasting services for multiple uses apart from showcasing your merchandise. This can be used for promotional calls or feedback purposes.

5.Promotional calls

You can also broadcast once-in-a-season discounts and promotional calls via the phone. Voice broadcasting is one of the easiest and most accessible techniques to use for marketing these days. If the receiver could not pick up the call, the message can also be directed to their voicemails.

6. Huge scaling possibilities

Scaling is an important feature that makes voice broadcasting a marketing medium of the future. You need to add the number to the existing list of contacts and broadcast the message.

7. Bridges the knowledge gap

The recorded audio features enable businesses to bridge the knowledge gap existing between the business and their clients. Customers can now select only the options they need instead of answering repeated questions thanks to the integration of IVR technology into Voice broadcasting software.


Voice broadcasting is indeed an affordable and go-to marketing platform for businesses regardless of their size. Service providers offer several unique features to their brands, although only a few are discussed here. As India's top audio solution provider, Pulse Unified Communications service provider provides its clients with a range of real-time analytics and reports, allowing them to make campaigns more efficient.

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