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Convenience at its best for customers to leave their message when your team is busy.
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India's Most Preferred Voicemail Service

Is your business missing incoming calls? Are your call centre agents too busy or unavailable to attend every single call? These inactions could be detrimental for any business. Get smart and take immediate action today! Start in Pulse’s voice broadcasting software and personalize your customer service. Our cloud based voicemail technology allows you to attend to your customers 24/7.

Pulse’s automated voicemail to email feature enables anywhere, anytime access. Our voicemail service helps your customers register their queries, issues and messages in their actual voice, even without an agent. Your agents can review the recorded messages and get back to the customers, thus ensuring satisfactory customer service. Using Pulse’s voicemail system, every phone extension and department gets its own free voicemail box with multiple features.

Exchanging Information

Enables customers to register their issues even if agents are busy or unavailable at the moment. Thus, it facilitates the easy exchange of information between the customer and the agent and reduces their waiting time.

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Track response

Allows callers to leave messages that will be reviewed and managed by agents and administrators later. Using Pulse's customised voicemail features, you can track if the file is read and the action is taken on the same. It denotes that the voicemail is addressed, and no further action is necessary.

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Enhanced Experience

Pleasant music and compelling advertisements to enhance customer waiting experience, promote content engagement and generate revenue.

Feedback Mechanism

Generate quality feedback with client ratings and conduct polls for team suggestions to analyse and set benchmarks.

Monitoring Dashboards

Intuitive dashboards and automated monitoring to enhance your operational efficiency. Added insights to increase ROI and optimise customer self-service IVR.

Benefits of using Pulse Voicemail Feature

  • Provides a better answering solution for your customer by using voicemail round-the-clock.
  • Increases your business efficiency by not missing out on valuable customer information.
  • Gleans accurate customer-related information on a real-time basis as the message is recorded.
  • Helps to analyse the calling traffic and scale the number of agents as per the call influx.
  • Facilitates configurable greetings, including standard, personal and greetings when the person is absent.
  • Grants callers the ability to leave detailed voicemails when the agents are unavailable.
  • Offers speciality services for all businesses-from well-established enterprises to small start-ups.
  • Facilitates the easy use and set up of phone numbers, voicemails, and text messages.

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Significant Use Cases of Pulse's Voicemail, India

Customer Communication

Your customer can use Pulse voicemail technology to leave their messages or queries if an agent cannot answer their calls. The agent can listen to the recorded message and revert to the customer with the right clarification.

Message Channelling

Our voicemail software allows you to channel voicemails to the right team or agents. This channelling helps you efficiently manage your teams and optimise response times to your customers.

Customised Greetings

Customise your voicemail greetings message to give your customers a personalized touch. Every voicemail box in your organization can have a different greetings message.

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A Deeper Exploration About Pulse's Voicemail Service in India

Can you explain about the call centre voicemail?

Voicemails are recorded messages that your customer can leave in case the agents at your call centre are busy or unavailable to attend the call. These voicemails can later be reviewed and assigned to the right agents for follow-up.

Please explain your business voicemail greetings.

Our business voicemail greetings are pre-recorded messages designed to assure your callers that they have your undivided attention. The pre-recorded message tells your callers what information to share and the duration within which your agent will reach out to them.

Why should I enable your voicemail system?

If you are looking to increase efficiency and maintain availability for callers, voicemail is the ideal solution. We suggest you opt for Pulse's voicemail solutions for the following reasons:

  • Personalised service for callers to leave messages with details of their inquiry, thus allowing agents to follow up with the necessary information.
  • Prompt service by agents who already have the required details to help the caller resolve the issues without recalling the customer.
  • Enhanced caller experience and a convenient alternative for callers to avoid long queues and have their issues sorted.

Can you suggest some best practices to optimise voicemail?

Here are three proven optimisations to ensure your customers have the best phone support and experience:

  1. Enable voicemail notifications
  2. Record a voicemail prompt
  3. Configure voicemail-triggered automated workflows

Can I forward my voicemail to others?

Yes, you can. Our software allows you to convert your voicemail to .wav or MP3 formats and send it via email to anyone as an attachment. You can also configure the voicemail with multiple email addresses so that it simultaneously reaches many people.

How accurate are your voicemail text conversions?

Pulse voicemail software is powered by hi-tech machine transcriptions to convert voicemail transcriptions to text. However, the quality of the transcriptions is determined by the caller's accent, voice, pronunciation, speed, and background noise.

What is the process to set up my voicemail greeting?

Setting up your voicemail greeting is easy. Our team will provide you with a 4 or 5 digit special number. Using the number, you can record your distinctive greetings or even upload your greeting through our web interface.

What are the devices ideal for accessing voicemails?

Pulse's voicemail system is compatible with desk phones, mobile apps, desktops, online accounts, and emails.

What is a voicemail transcription?

Pulse's voicemail software can convert all the voicemails into the text as and when you receive them. You also have the option of enabling or disabling these features as per your preference.

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