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VoIP Service and How it Works

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 May 19, 2020

Voice over Internet Protocol is the technology used for the delivery of voice services over the internet. VoIP works by converting analog signals to digital signals and transmitting the signals via the internet.

Why is VOIP So Cheap Compared to Traditional Calls?

With an advanced communication stream, VoIP plays a vital role as a communication channel due to its ease of operations, less dependency on infrastructure, and also to cost-benefit. VoIP uses a data network to transfer voice packets. Hence, the infrastructure used for data can be used for VoIP calls, thereby ensuring maximum usage of existing infrastructure.

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Advantages of VoIP:

  1. Since VoIP calls can be handled through any medium such as mobile phones, laptops, IP phones, there is less or minimum dependency on office infrastructure. VoIP calls can also be handled seamlessly from anywhere.
  2. VoIP calls are not dependent on the office PBX network, which makes VoIP essentially an effective communication channel in the present WFH scenario.
  3. VoIP calls are less expensive than PSTN calls.
  4. By using an optimum codec, the bandwidth requirement per channel can be optimized as 100kbps which is available through 4G signal strength.
  5. VoIP calls can be embedded with cloud features which in turn ensure high availability.
  6. Configuration of VoIP accounts are relatively easier than configuring a PSTN or a PRI line.
  7. VoIP services are compatible with any IPPBX and is independent of PBX configured in the office.
  8. VoIP services can be configured quickly compared to traditional PRI setup.
  9. Less dependent on network infrastructure as the service can work over any data medium such as broadband/leased line/GSM network etc.
  10. Features such as voice-mail, voice-mail to email are available through VoIP service.
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