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Manage the delivery of voice information over the internet with Pulse's top service quality and 24/7 instant support.
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Pulse - The Premium VoIP Provider in India

VoIP stands for Voice over Internet Protocol or IP telephony- a technology that manages the delivery of voice information over the internet. Pulse is one of India's best VoIP service providers due to the quality of service and 24/7 instant support offered. Our company has addressed VoIP in the best possible manner, which has made us the market leader today. We are the most preferred name for VoIP services by top-notch businesses, corporates, and individuals in India. Our services mainly specialise in Unconditional unlimited calling to various destinations with PSTN quality calling with advanced features.

We offer proven and customised solutions for any enterprise to make international calls for business development, quality assurance, and inter and intra office communication. Pulse has its own infrastructure with multiple VoIP switches parked in India and abroad to support clients with no downtime for the service offered. By choosing Pulse's VoIP and Internet telephony, businesses can avoid the tolls charged by ordinary telephone services.

Unconditional unlimited calling
Stop wasting time and worrying about per-minute charges or calling limits. To win your customers' trust, prioritise your communication and stay in touch with them regularly.
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Prepaid Talk Time Plan
The number of users will be unlimited for this plan. The customer pays a fixed price to make calls to any destination.
Wholesale Plan
Provides high volume minutes to a particular destination with aggressive pricing and seamless portal access to monitor the business yield.
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Pulse to Pulse (p2p)
Use unlimited talk time and avoid call charges between branch offices from any global location.
Managed VoIP
Provides VoIP with the required bandwidth at no cost for the number of VoIP connections.
Mobile Dialer
Save upto 80% on your ISD calls with Pulse's Mobile VoIP. All you need is a minimum of 3G or Wi-Fi connectivity on your mobile phone to make international calls.

Top Highlights of Pulse's VoIP Solutions

  • Recording of all calls to monitor, manage quality control and performance review.
  • 3-way-conferencing to collaborate on projects with teammates and partners. It helps enhance your products, services, and customer experience.
  • Caller ID to display the number of the caller to the recipient. The service may display your company name linked with your number, called CNAM or Calling Name Presentation.
  • Call Forwarding and advanced call routing to stay in touch with your customers from any location irrespective of your agents being busy or unavailable.
  • The Voicemail-to-email feature is to easily record, recall and respond to customer's messages even if you miss any calls.
  • Call Analytics to glean insightful reports of your businesses to make timely improvements and take objective business decisions.

Go Global with Pulse VoIP Calling Services!

Incredible Advantages of Pulse's VoIP Solutions
Facilitates uncomplicated installation and easily configurable processes based on the communication needs of your organisation. We can have your virtual phone service set up and running in a single day.
Greater Flexibility
Leverages the internet connectivity to connect your calls seamlessly, join or host telephone conferences, receive and send e-fax and text messages from anywhere at any time.
Leverages premium features such as call attendants, call recordings, and call queues to operate your business. These features are often included with business phone service plans.
Global Calling in Local Charges
Make international calls through Pulse VoIP and save phone bills. Leverage this service to enhance your business today.
Easy Portability
Enables easy use of the phone system irrespective of the location. Eliminates the need for the expensive technical setup and enhances remote working.
Better Productivity
Organises your personal and business communications separately and manages all your calls from the mobile app whenever you are not in the office, thereby helping you improve your efficiency.
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An In-Depth Analysis of Pulse's VoIP Service

What does VoIP stand for?

VoIP stands for Voice over Internet Protocol. Pulse is one of the most reputed VoIP service providers in India. Our VoIP service allows you to make phone calls using an Internet Protocol (IP) data network. Our VoIP systems help unify your various communication systems like video, data, and voice into a single, secure, and easy-to-use solution.

Is it possible to use my regular phone to make VoIP calls?

Yes, of course. You can use any regular phone to make VoIP calls by connecting with a Pulse VoIP device. You can start making calls as soon as you hear the dial tone.

Does Pulse VoIP work without an internet connection?

An internet connection is a mandatory requisite for the proper functioning of our VoIP service. It relies on the Internet Protocol to exchange data. Hence, it would be best to have a stable, high-speed broadband connection for a minimum of 100 Kbps /second.

Can your VoIP service be a better alternative to landlines?

Pulse's VoIP features are superior to those of landline phones. Furthermore, they are the most cost-effective choice to make overseas calls. If you want more control over your calling experience, our VoIP service is your best option.

What are the caller ID features in your VoIP service?

Pulse VoIP systems offer you two types of features:

  • CLIP- Calling Line ID Presentation
  • CNAME- Caller Name Presentation

What is a softphone? 

A softphone is software that is installed on a computer or smartphone to create a phone connection. With the virtual phone displayed on the PC screen, the PC serves as the phone. To have a good conversation using a softphone, you should have a headset with a microphone and speakers.

How will I benefit from choosing Pulse's VoIP system?

Pulse's VoIP phone service is incredibly beneficial for businesses as it helps to:

  • Save on costs when moving from a traditional telephone system to a VoIP system.
  • Allows you to save time and money to spend on your business as VoIP services do not require expensive on-premise services.
  • Offer greater mobility in managing and using your existing telephone system.
  • Enables you to make and receive important business calls at any time.

Which devices or phones are used as endpoints for VoIP services?

The endpoint devices and phones used in VoIP are of two types:

  • Software-based web phones, softphones or desktop apps, and mobile apps.
  • Hard phones like IP phones and analogue phones using a VoIP converter.

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