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VoIP Services - Bridging The Communication Gap For Remote Workers

For remote employees, geographical distances may keep them apart, but communication binds them together. To ensure uninterrupted communication from any corner of the globe, businesses have switched to VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) phone systems. Touted as one of the best solutions for remote team communication, the VoIP system has far better features when compared to the traditional phone system.

VoIP services: The top highlights:

  • It does not require any expensive infrastructure or new software to make it work.
  • Hosted VoIP services allow you to start making calls within a few hours of setting it up.
  • The service requires only a robust internet connection, VoIP-compatible phones, microphones, and a unique virtual number to get connected.
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With VoIP services at your disposal, long-distance communication is no longer a daunting task. Any remote employee with a strong internet connection and a device can easily establish communication with their geographically dispersed colleagues. Thus, VoIP serves as a critical lifeline for remote working, a trend that is here to stay with us.

Let's unpack the various benefits of VoIP services for remote working teams.

VoIP Telephone Systems- How They Benefit Remote Workers


Communication via VoIP does not come at a steep price. Your remote employees may only need to invest in a digital device, microphones or headphones and an internet connection. Besides, when you opt for a VoIP plan with advanced features, it will ensure the best ROI. Even long-distance calls will not affect the final bill as the service is location independent.

Presence Information

This is an advanced feature of the VoIP system, which facilitates the easy scheduling of conference calls amongst team members in various time zones. Scheduling audio or video conferencing with distributed teams can be a daunting task because of time zone differences. Fortunately, the Presence Information feature discovers the user's availability, so that team leaders know when to reach out to them. Users can also set up rules to route the calls to voicemail or redirect the call to another colleague.

Effective Collaboration

VoIP serves as an effective collaboration platform, allowing users to share data through files and archives. Moreover, multiple users can edit the shared data and organise it for better workflow. VoIP is nothing less than a prolific information hub for the collection and dissemination of critical work-related data. By using it, team members will not miss out on any updates or any loss of vital information.

Privacy & Security

VoIP technology is like a well-protected fortress, allowing only authorised team members to access and modify the data. The majority of organisations use VoIP services with a Virtual Private Network that is protected by firewalls. Additionally, VoIP is equipped to counteract cyber threats, which is welcomed news for remote users.

Remote Monitoring

For most employers, monitoring the remote teams is one of the biggest challenges they face. VoIP offers optional tracking features to measure employee productivity through regular analytic reports. The feature is less intrusive and does not intrude upon the employee's privacy. Yet, it effectively monitors their work performance and productivity on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis.

Other Advantages Of VoIP Services For Remote Teams

When it comes to boosting the productivity and efficiency of remote working teams, VoIP is certainly a huge boon. It encourages organisations to be in tandem with the changing dynamics of the business landscape and ensures a win-win situation for everyone using it. Here are some of the other benefits of a VoIP telephone system:

  • It provides a flexible infrastructure that allows employers to scale up or scale down according to the unpredictable fluctuations in business.
  • As VoIP is hosted on cloud technology, it is more reliable. It allows users to re-route calls even when there is low internet connectivity or bandwidth failure.
  • VoIP can be used on the go, making it extremely beneficial for employees who are constantly travelling. They can easily integrate the system on mobile phones and complete their official calls and tasks.
  • VoIP reduces the time wasted by checking email inboxes, allowing teams to track tasks more efficiently.
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