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VoIP - A Rapidly Rising Upgraded Technology

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Voice over Internet Protocol, popularly known as VoIP, is a state-of-the-art phone service that's stealing the limelight in the business world. It is considered one of the finest solutions to streamline and unify customer communication as it expands its customer base.

Communication experts are certain that VoIP may one day completely overthrow its analogue counterpart and become an indispensable entity for businesses worldwide. That said, we explore the various ways how a business VoIP phone number can be instrumental in uplifting your business prospects and sales.

7 Ways Business VoIP Augments Your Business

1. Creates new sales opportunities

Today, the brick-and-mortar sales sector is being outpaced by online shopping portals. Statistics state that more than 80% of customers are likely to use the click-to-call widget on business websites, improving sales opportunities. The VoIP system's Click-to-Call enables customers to make free calls from your website. A simple integration gives your sales team a better chance of upselling your products over the phone and increasing your sales revenue.

2. Quick and crisp customer interaction

If there's one thing that customers hate about business communication, it is the duration it takes for the call to be routed to the right department. However, a VoIP phone system eliminates the waiting time with advanced IVR or Interactive Voice Response and Call Routing features. Businesses can gather vital customer input and automatically route calls to the right destination. With VoIP waiting time, frustrated customers, and lackadaisical interactions will soon be a thing of the past.

3. Fewer missed opportunities

A missed call translates to a missed sales opportunity. Studies say that businesses in India lose crores of rupees each year only due to missed calls. Fortunately, VoIP is here to bridge that communication gap with its round-the-clock presence. Call Routing ensures that every call is answered by someone from the sales team, even if the particular member is unavailable to answer the call.

4. Establishes a professional presence

Better team communication and collaboration impact customer service, which positively reflects the brand and business name. VoIP opens the door to multiple communication channels like conferencing, messaging, and file sharing. With multiple features on a single platform, VoIP facilitates greater agility for sales teams to establish a strong business presence.

5. Local market presence

Having a local area code for your business VoIP number gives you the impression of being local, even if your head office is in a different location. Companies can obtain many virtual phone numbers with different area codes with IP systems, making intercity or interstate expansion easy. Besides, a well-known area code lends an air of familiarity and enables local customers to identify your business easily.

6. Analytical evaluation of sales

Successful sales teams need performance reporting, and fortunately, VoIP phone systems provide this feature too. The system generates ample call logs to analyse call times, missed call rates, and other KPIs to help teams optimise their sales performance. Further, sales managers can use these features to coach new team members on connecting with customers.

7. Improve existing sales tactics

A CRM- compatible VoIP phone integrates vital customer-related information like conversion records and purchase history. It then enables a pop-up to unfold when the sales rep is interacting with a particular customer. The pop-up will have first-hand information about the customer, and the sales rep can use it to refine their sales tactics and sell products based on the customer's interests.

Switch To VoIP With Pulse, India Best VoIP Service Provider

Companies are constantly discovering new business and sales opportunities with a VoIP phone system. If you haven't procured one for your organisation, it is high time to do so. Pulse Unified Communications service provider can help you make a smooth and seamless transition to a VoIP system. Pulse is the most preferred VoIP service provider in India. Our team is ready to clarify your doubts and answer your queries. You may contact us today or look at our website for a better understanding of our expertise.

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