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Understanding VoIP: A Modern Solution For Upcoming Businesses

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Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) is a technology that allows users to receive and make phone calls with the internet using a computer or mobile device. VoIP phone services can include features like:

  • Call forwarding
  • Call recording
  • On-hold music
  • Voicemail to email
  • Instant messaging
  • Missed alerts
  • Call logs.

Today, VoIP is a must-have if you run a modern office. VoIP enables small businesses to compete with larger corporations by offering features to enhance the customer experience. When your company is just starting, it's difficult to determine how many phone lines it will require. Under such circumstances, VoIP providers can help to scale up or down the services you need quickly and easily to meet your requirements.

VoIP phone systems can be cost-effective for small businesses because they transmit voice data in digital form over an Internet connection. Instead of transmitting voice conversations over traditional phone lines, the conversations are digitised and routed through internet lines. VoIP technology captures your voice and converts it into a digital signal transmitted over the internet.

Moreover, traditional phone systems are rapidly becoming obsolete, as traditional equipment to support them is difficult. Small businesses are converting to VoIP because it is less cumbersome and easier to maintain than conventional telephone systems. Not only that. VoIP is an investment that delivers amazing benefits for upcoming businesses without hurting their finances.

Here are some of the perks of having a VoIP service.

VoIP Benefits For Small Organisations

  • Easy to install
Traditional phone lines are expensive and difficult to manage. Voice over IP is relatively simple to set up. Web portals and VoIP software solutions make adding, moving and changing system configurations easier because they are web-based.
  • Easy to use
VoIP systems allow your employees to use their mobile phones as your office phone. This helps you save money and provide customers with a clear distinction between work and personal calls.
  • Fewer missed calls
Because traditional phone systems bind you to your desk, the likelihood of missing calls is high. VoIP systems reduce the number of missed calls by routing phone calls to whoever is available at the time of the phone call.
  • Easy to integrate
VoIP services can be integrated with business tools, allowing you to organise conversations by party and time and review them across multiple media platforms simultaneously.
  • Easy to upgrade
Small business owners are familiar with the frustration of upgrading equipment and systems regularly. Your telecom solutions provider will provide easy upgrades for your VoIP services.
  • Better security
VoIP is significantly safer than traditional analogue telephone connections. It allows you to move around, be reached from any given location using your smartphone, and transfer calls directly to your colleagues to deal with customers when you cannot attend the call.
  • Additional features

VoIP systems include features such as instant messaging, presence information, teleconferencing, voicemail, video conferencing, and faxes via email and can keep employees in touch regardless of where they are located. Features like Digital faxing are also available for a small additional fee or part of the package. VoIP allows you to record calls and check the call reports to see what time customers calls are maximum.

  • Cost-effective option

VoIP is a cost-effective solution because phone numbers can be aligned to ring on multiple devices before they are routed to voicemail. Using VoIP also mitigates the cost of international and local calls significantly. It allows you to utilise your smartphone for your office number and can significantly reduce your company's mobile phone costs. VoIP technology also enables international phone conferences at a low cost.

  • Easy connectivity

Tele and video conferencing allow remote workers to attend meetings. without having to travel all the way to the office.They can connect with their colleagues and head executives from any location as long as they have internet connectivity.

  • Easy mobility

When using VoIP, employees can take their business phone line with them wherever they go and make outgoing calls from their mobile phones while still using the company's phone number. Also, your employees can work from anywhere in the country.

  • Quick adaptability

When your business expands to accommodate new employees or moves to a bigger facility, you can easily add new employee lines and make changes without spending an arm and a leg on training and equipment.

  • Greater flexibility

VoIP systems provide users with greater flexibility and mobility, such as remote conferencing, file sharing, and email, which can be a great asset for corporate employees who travel frequently.

Switching Over To VoIP: A Worthwhile Decision

VoIP is a feature that allows users to communicate with prospective clients, communicate with partners and customers over long distances, and compete with companies on an international level. VoIP is becoming increasingly popular among SMEs and organisations worldwide and has many advantages over traditional phone calls. VoIP solutions require a stable internet connection with sufficient bandwidth. The bandwidth requirements of VoIP solutions may cause lagging, delays, or dropped calls. However, as data algorithms become more sophisticated, the issue will gradually fade away.

According to Chris Sherwood, an Oregon-based phone system consultant, the best VoIP phone system depends on the quality of the network and the company's needs.

Business owners should consider whether their network can support VoIP traffic and whether their firewall and router can prioritise VoIP traffic over regular Internet traffic.

Another reason for businesses to switch to VoIP is to save money by using a monthly per-user fee rather than a charge based on the number of minutes each employee uses the phone.



Businesses are moving away from outdated technologies toward more modern and effective solutions and are increasingly turning to cloud-based solutions. As the technology supporting internet infrastructure continues to evolve, VoIP is becoming increasingly popular with businesses, and the future is now.

Many SMEs favour VoIP technology. Although there are some drawbacks, these are easily overcome through research and common sense. VoIP solutions allow you to connect multiple offices and to see information from your front desk and your customers on your screen. If your company has multiple locations or is considering expanding, now is a good time to consider VoIP providers.

Pulse, India's leading telecom solutions provider, offers cloud-hosted VoIP phone services viable for small businesses. Ours is a cost-effective, highly efficient and reliable service that can help expand your business boundaries and your clientele. Reach out to us to get your VoIP connection today.

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