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Why are CPaaS Solutions the future for enterprises?

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 August 24, 2022


  • CPaaS stands for Communication Platform as a Service
  • CPaaS falls under the PaaS umbrella along with UCaaS CCaaS SaaS
  • UCaaS- Unified Communications as a Service
  • CCaaS- Contact Centre as a Service
  • SaaS- Software as a Service

PaaS stands for Platform as a Service. Pizza as a service is a common analogy for explaining the ‘aaS’ Umbrella. It was coined by Albert Barron in 2014.

To understand further the below example will make good sense.

 CPaaS Solutions

                  Figure 1 Albert Barron 2014 

As the above diagram states in Layman terms, when you order a pizza, the restaurant (the PaaS vendor) manages the oven, electricity, fire, and pizza. All you must do is choose the drinks, the friends to share it with, and the dinner conversation.

CPaaS is a platform/service based entirely on communications.  

FORBES forecasts that by 2026, the CPaaS market will grow to $34 billion by 2024—that’s up from $4.2 billion in 2019. Big players like Microsoft and Amazon have also entered the CPaaS space.

CPaaS is entirely cloud based and it is a time and cost saving service. Pulse USP is to develop the features what you need to give you a seamless customer experience. 

What are the benefits of CPaaS solutions?

  1. Excellent Customer Service- CPaaS solutions offer a real time communication channel between customers and agents.
  2. Scalable- CPaaS solutions are entirely scalable i.e., API’s can be added based on your needs. The flexibility of CPaaS solutions helps you stay in touch with ever changing demands of the industry. 
  3. Real time Reports and Analytics are very helpful to a business point of view. 

We at Pulse offer a ‘Plug and Play’ service. 

Some of the CPaaS solutions that Pulse offers are as follows

  • VoIP and Voice
  • SMS 
  • Social Channels (Whatsapp) 
  • Our other features also included integrating calling and call logging API’S, Customized Call Routing. 
  • VoIP, domestic cloud telephony, call masking service, IVR services.
  • Pulse values your security the most. We offer features like two factor authentication, end to end encryption.

Scenarios: -

Our CPaaS solutions are very useful in the Healthcare Industry and are utilised by Revenue Cycle Management Companies. For example, with a message API integrated, a reminder message can be sent to a patient regarding a doctor’s appointment.

Pulse’s CPaaS solutions for the RCM industry include many features like an Alphanumeric DTMF- which can help a customer input their Claim ID/ Tax ID. This can be done through an IVR. A customer can receive policy updates and claim notifications relating to their insurance. It helps speed up the claims process. 

Our Solutions are incredibly useful for marketing campaigns for businesses. Our CPaaS solutions will help bring about a two-way conversation with customers and this can lead to incredible conversion rates.

In summary, Pulse offers CPaaS solutions for your enterprise. If your business needs to upgrade their communication systems.

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