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Pulse Telephony over the Zoho CRM helps tracking and calling on the move.

Are you manually entering your call data all the time?

PULSE CTI-ZOHO helps you streamline your business operations more efficiently. The incredible interface of Zoho CRM and our simple calling telephony integration helps you manage all your data in one place.

Pulse Telephony on ZoHo CRM extracts call details from the records associated with a specific lead, so your team will always be able to measure each call’s effectiveness and revisit detailed information from previous interactions with that customer without having to spend time hunting for it on another tool.

Advantages of Pulse CTI on ZoHo CRM

  • Automatic call logging under each record
  • Get reminders for both upcoming and missed calls
  • Update call status, and save notes for calls
  • Automate scheduling calls and post-call activities
  • Detailed Business Card View

Some of the features our integration offers

  1. Single-click dialling – Make calls directly through Zoho CRM while examining leads.
  2. Set reminders for outbound calls on
  3. Automatic call logging: Calls are automatically logged reducing the need for manual data entry. Notes on calls can be added via pop-up windows in the Zoho CRM. Follow up tasks can also be created.
  4. Real-time notes. Enable reps to take & attach call notes to contacts in real-time
  5. Call analytics – Helps to measure sales team's performance. Built-in charts and reports let you visualize your call data, and help you figure out how to provide a better customer experience

With Pulse CTI Integration with Zoho, you can use your existing phone systems whether it be a softphone or a desk-phone to make calls and your records will get automatically logged into your ZOHO CRM.

On-board with Pulse

Step1: Find and install Pulse Telephony on ZoHo CRM

Step2: Log in to Pulse Portal, and enable ZoHo PhoneBridge

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Step3: Chose Plan & configure Inbound and outbound routing

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Step 4: Configuration of the softphone can be done based on the credentials that we will be providing

Step 5 Start calling on your ZoHo CRM

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