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Pulse - Zoho Integration for Effortless Call Management

AnyCall Pulse Telephony for Zoho is a powerful telephony integration that simplifies call tracking and management. Our integration is available on Zoho Marketplace as AnyCall Pulse Telephony for Zoho. With our CTI-Zoho integration, you can wave goodbye to manual call data entry, streamlining your business operations.
Zoho CRM Integration

Automatic call logging under each record using Zoho integration services.

Call management CRM lets you set reminders for both upcoming and missed calls.
CRM calling software allows you to update call status and save notes for calls.
Call center integration lets you automate scheduling calls and post-call activities.
Detailed Business Card View.
Respond to Customer Initiated Conversations on WhatsApp for free within a 24-hour window of the first message being sent.

How does WhatsApp Business API benefit you?

Single Click Dialing

With single-click dialing, you can initiate calls directly from your Zoho Platform, examine leads, and set reminders for outbound calls on call center software. Calls are automatically logged, reducing the need for manual data entry, and notes on calls can be added via pop up windows in the Zoho Platform. Follow-up tasks can also be created, with real-time notes.

Call Analytics

With built-in charts and reports, call analytics let you measure your sales team's performance. This helps visualize your call data and enables you to provide better customer experience. With Pulse CTI integration with Zoho, you can use your existing phone systems, whether it be a softphone or a desk phone to make calls, and your records will automatically be logged into your Zoho Platform.
Call Analytics

Why Direct Routing with Pulse?

End to End Unified Communications Service Provider

Experience seamless International and Domestic Calling Solutions through Pulse.

Quick Setup and Number Porting

A very simple onboarding process. Your existing numbers can be easily ported into our system. Ensures Business Continuity.

Detailed Reporting and Analytics

Make the most of your platform with our advanced reporting measures and analytics.

Secure System

Pulse’s infrastructure is hosted on AWS and it is built to withstand the full potential of the cloud with multiple redundancies.

With Pulse Telephony and Zoho, get the best CRM calling software.

How to onboard with AnyCall Pulse Telephony for Zoho?

Step 1: Find and Install AnyCall Pulse Telephony for Zoho on Zoho Marketplace
Step 2: Login to Pulse Portal, and enable ZoHo PhoneBridge
Step3: Chose Plan & configure Inbound and outbound routing
Step 4: Configuration of the softphone can be done based on the credentials that we will be providing
Step 5 Start calling on your ZoHo.

WhatsApp Business API Solution Use-Cases

WhatsApp Business API Solution Use-Cases

Transform your Business

Pulse is one of the best Zoho telephony providers. Our Call Center CRM Software.on Cloud integrates with Zoho to provide you with a seamless call management CRM experience. With our powerful Zoho telephony integration, you can optimize your call management CRM and get the most out of your sales team. Our user-friendly interface and Zoho ensure that all your data is consolidated in one place.
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