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Pulse's Voice Broadcasting Service

Voice Broadcasting is a way of simultaneously sharing messages with hundreds and thousands of individuals.

Pulse Voice Broadcasting offers this amazing service of imparting digitally recorded messages to gigantic volumes of telephone numbers. We also offer Pulse Text to Speech Programming to share customized data. Our services are delivered across different industry verticals.

We help you share crucial alerts, vital updates, and important information with our voice broadcasting frameworks. Team with us to keep your stakeholders, customers, business associates, and employees well-informed. Get your message to any number of people within the shortest time without waiting for free phone lines!

Bulk Voice Broadcast Done in Minutes!

Highlights of Our Service

Text To Speech

TTS Integration allows you to type and instantly convert your text into an audio message or upload your audio files.

text to speech integration as a part of voice broadcasting solution offered by Pulse Telesystem depicted using a phone and laptop
Call Tracking & Recording

Tracking and recording calls from the dashboard allows you to use them for training and monitoring purposes.

female executive analysing data using voice broadcasting software
Campaign Scheduling
Customizing campaigns to simultaneously monitor and operate multiple broadcasting campaigns as per your business requirements.
calendar of January month to depict campaign scheduling
Reports & Analytics

KPIs and daily call reports track performance, the total number of calls, and customers to make well-informed decisions.

laptop with analytics data discussed by 2 executives
DNC Lists

The "Do Not Call" filter allows you to automatically skip numbers that you do not want to call while dialling your list of contacts.

person trying to attend a call on his phone

Benefits of Pulse Voice Broadcasting Service

  • Creating, scheduling, and making automated phone calls and sending personalized messages at any time using our online interface.
  • Reaching out to unavailable customers as messages are stored as voicemail, allowing them to hear it at their convenience.
  • Personalizing messages for better engagement with bulk voice calling campaigns that have enhanced ROI.
  • Helping you stay well-organized by scheduling broadcasting campaigns well ahead of time.
  • Enhancing customer experience by mentioning customers' names and giving messages a personal touch.
  • Generating more business leads with a higher response rate than other messaging services.
  • Connecting your brand and business with thousands of people in different regional languages in just a single click.
  • Tracking, analysing, and measuring your reports to improve your future broadcasting campaigns.

Create Connections & Convert Leads

Use our voice broadcasting software and services to connect with anyone, anywhere, within minutes.

Use Cases

Pulse's voice broadcasting service is an excellent option for educational institutions and organizations that need to reach out to hundreds of students or employees. Our service is used for the following requirements:

Emergency Notifications

Voice broadcasting service sends mass phone calls to parents to inform them about class cancellation or exam postponement due to unexpected reasons.

Feedback & Surveys

Call campaigns after events are used to conduct surveys and gather feedback through polls or by allowing recipients to speak to a live representative.

Reminders & Updates

Reminder and update notifications to alert students of upcoming fee payments, exam schedules, and appointments to ensure that things happen as scheduled.

Employee Communication

Sending bulk emails and texts paired with corporate announcements to remind employees of upcoming staff meetings and other crucial information.

Promotions & Offers

Broadcasting information regarding coupons, seasonal discounts, offers, discount codes, and customer benefits to drive customer traffic and sales.

use cases of a voice broadcasting service


Find your answers to the most frequently asked questions about voice broadcasting services.

How does voice broadcasting work?

Voice broadcast software stores and maintains a phone list database and a list of digitized phone messages. By using analogue, digital, or VoIP components, these systems can broadcast thousands of phone messages simultaneously. This communication is one-way.

In two-way broadcasting, the voice broadcast software sends consumers pre-recorded interactive messages. The messages instruct you to press a number on your keypad to get additional information or speak to live an agent. This is how the voice broadcasting system works.

How long does it take to send out a voice broadcasting campaign?

A voice broadcasting campaign can be established in four easy steps:

  1. Enter your contact information in the software
  2. Record your message
  3. Schedule and send your recorded message
  4. Monitor your results.

The entire process of setting up the infrastructure and monitoring your results takes not more than twenty minutes.

What is the infrastructure required to set up voice broadcasting for my business?

To set up voice broadcasting for your business, you require not more than 10-15 minutes. All you need is a computer, voice broadcasting software, and a good internet connection. With these three resources, you can set up voice broadcasting anywhere.

How will I know if the campaign is successful?

Our software allows you to download the complete report with all the crucial details regarding the status of each call on the dashboard. These analytics will help you measure and understand the impact of your campaign.

Can I schedule a voice broadcasting campaign?

Yes, you can. Our software also has a customizable time group option that you can use to run your campaign according to your business hours.

Is voice broadcasting legal?

Voice broadcasting is legal for numbers that opt to receive automated calls from you. We strongly suggest you understand your local laws and federal guidelines before sending automated calls.


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