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Audio Conferencing Services for Enterprises in India

Days of yore were sweet where any conversations between a group of individuals would occur at a specific spot, and thought-sharing interaction was simpler. Now, in the profoundly progressed world, audio conferencing arrangements assume a significant part. They guarantee thought sharing interaction at a single click, which ensures self-security just as for other people. As India's most successful audio conference provider, we grasp the criticality and sensitivity of Voice Communication.

The most straightforward and astounding aspect of our audio conference solution is that anybody from any part of the world can join and speak to anyone. Thereby every individual remains connected at any point in time or in any emergency. Pulse sets its banner flying on Audio conferencing solutions customized for ventures and corporates inclined toward simple communication.

Auto Conferencing
Our system is designed to allow you to update your contacts to create a conference call. The system will automatically call you at the scheduled time to make you join the conference call.
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Call Recordings
Record the entire conference call and listen to it at any time. Thus, you no longer miss out on crucial office meetings.
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Music & Security
Customize hold music for all your participants. Create passwords for participants and admins to enhance security.
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Large Conferences
Unlimited participants can join the conference call without compromising on call quality.
Call Continuity
Stay uninterrupted with your conference even if any participant or admin wishes to leave the meeting midway. Participants leaving or joining the conference will in no way hinder the audio conference.
Unified Interface
Pulse's conferencing solutions are designed to flawlessly integrate with the web to give you a great user experience and facilitate an easy audio conference for all your participants.

How Pulse's Audio Conference Solutions Favour Your Business

  • Mobile optimisation on all common browsers.
  • Blocks all anonymous calls for added security.
  • Helps to collaborate remotely and curb travel expenses.
  • Embeds the meeting links on your website and adds a personal touch
  • Allows participants to join conferences easily
  • Offers crystal clear sound quality for all participants
  • Facilitates advance scheduling of conference call meetings
  • Facilitates an effortless set up of conference calls in real-time

Bridge The Gap & Unify Your Team with Pulse's Audio Conference Services

Best Use Cases of Pulse's Audio Conference Services
Multiple Conference
Pulse Audio conference number or bridge number is a central number that can be published to individuals or teams that will join that conference. Participants will be able to join from various locations by dialling the central number and entering the meeting. If there is a need for an additional alternate room, another central number can be created and distributed to various groups or similar individuals for an alternate reason.
Remote Support
Sometimes, the voice clarity in an audio conference may not be uniform for all the participants. Clients working remotely may not attain the best quality in terms of voice transmission. We analyse and support clients staying in remote places by solving the problems they are facing with voice quality.
Auto Scheduling
Pulse audio conferencing allows you to schedule meetings with individuals or teams by auto dialling out those particular individuals. These participants can join the meeting by simply answering the call.
Diagrammatic representation of features of audio conference call service.
Operator-Assisted Calls
It is a feature reserved specifically for high-priority calls when a moderator's assistance is required during the audio conference. Pulse lends its technical support to ensure a smooth, seamless, and uninterrupted experience for all the participants.
Reservation Less Conferencing
Instantly schedule impromptu meetings or recurring conference calls without any hassles. Instead of emailing and texting messages to participants, you can select your contacts and connect with them in a couple of minutes. 
Secured Conferencing
Create a unique, secret code or phrase that your participants should use to enter the conference room. This security measure guarantees that only approved individuals can attend your conference.

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Exploring Pulse's Audio Conferencing Solutions In India

Why is Pulse's audio conferencing service a better choice?

Pulse's audio conferencing is the perfect communication platform for making calls concerning marketing, sales, and project management. Our cloud-based audio conferencing platform allows you to:

  • Stay in touch with your investors, customers, partners, and colleagues without an internet connection.
  • Enable seamless, worldwide conferencing without any high set-up and maintenance costs.

What are the types of audio conferencing that are available?

There are two types of audio conferencing systems:

  • Point-to-point

This system enables communication between two people located in two different geographic locations.

  • Multipoint conferencing

This system facilitates connection and collaboration between three or more people located in various places.

What is the process to make a conference call line?

Creating conference call lines is easy. You can access the conference set up and create a conference room with a password. Your team can access the conference room by using this password.

What are the best conference call services?

Deciding on the right conference call service depends on how much value it will provide to your business. When comparing conferencing systems, you need to check how much the service costs and then pick the right one that suits your requirements.

How secure is your audio conferencing solution?

Pulse's audio conferencing solutions are designed to ensure absolute privacy and security. Participants will require a special dial-in code along with the phone number to join a conference. This measure will help you keep out uninvited guests.

Can the participants join a conference before the host?

Yes, they can. You have to enable this option before you send an invitation to the participants.

Can anyone use your conference calling solution?

Anyone who receives an invite can join the conference. However, only Pulse users can host the conference.

What devices can I use to join a conference call?

To join a Pulse conference call, you can use desktops, laptops, iPhones, Android phones and landline phones.

Do you offer customer support?

Yes, we do. We offer 24x7 live phone and chat support. You may visit Pulse. for more details.

Should I use a PIN every time I call into a meeting?

No. A PIN is not necessary every single time you call into a meeting with a phone. You may use the phone number and conference ID that's provided in the invite.

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