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Whatsapp Business API

Looking to leverage WhatsApp's massive global reach for your business? Consider the WhatsApp Business API, which provides a wealth of features for marketing and customer engagement.

The Pulse and WhatsApp Business API Feature: Achieving Business Success

As a leading WhatsApp Business provider, Pulse offers a range of powerful functionalities for businesses looking to engage with their customers on WhatsApp
Send Bulk WhatsApp Messages through your official Business Account.
All the messages templates sent must be pre-approved
Send Video, Text, Images, Documents etc through our WhatsApp API
Just like Intelligent Call Routing, Route incoming WhatsApp Messages to your Call center Agents based on a queue logic.
View Customer Chat history to provide a seamless Customer Experience.
Respond to Customer Initiated Conversations on WhatsApp for free within a 24-hour window of the first message being sent.

How does WhatsApp Business API benefit you?

WhatsApp Business API benefit


Another benefit of WhatsApp Business Solution is that having a verified WhatsApp Business account lends authenticity to your customers as they will be interacting with a business. This helps maintain trust with your customers.

Advanced Reporting

Get detailed reporting of your WhatsApp messaging metrics. Glean meaningful insights into reports generated from messages sent to messages failed. Reports can be generated from the number of messages read as well.
Advanced Reporting

Why Direct Routing with Pulse?

End to End Unified Communications Service Provider

Experience seamless International and Domestic Calling Solutions through Pulse.

Quick Setup and Number Porting

A very simple onboarding process. Your existing numbers can be easily ported into our system. Ensures Business Continuity.

Detailed Reporting and Analytics

Make the most of your platform with our advanced reporting measures and analytics.

Secure System

Pulse’s infrastructure is hosted on AWS and it is built to withstand the full potential of the cloud with multiple redundancies.

Seamlessly Integrate WhatsApp Business API with Pulse's Comprehensive Call Center

How does WhatsApp Business API benefit you?

WhatsApp Business API Solution Use-Cases

WhatsApp Business API Solution Use-Cases

Marketing Powerhouse

Create Rich Marketing Campaigns through our Whatsapp Business Platform

Automate Conversations

Deploy Chatbots to automate your conversations.

Engage with Customers

Send News, Offers, Product Announcements to your Customers
Send News, Offers, Product Announcements to your Customers
Send News, Offers, Product Announcements to your Customers

Streamline Transactions

Send Booking/ Payment Confirmations

Stay Connected

Send Reminders to your Customers

Book with Ease

Fix Appointments

Effortless Ticketing

Ticket Creation through WhatsApp

Transform your Business

Pulse is an official WhatsApp Business API provider and offers a WhatsApp CCaaS platform, as well as a new call center platform for WhatsApp. Choose Pulse for seamless WhatsApp API integration and take your customer engagement to the next level.
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