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Artificial Intelligence

Utilize the power of AI (Artificial Intelligence) and ML (Machine Learning) to your advantage!
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Side view of the robot working in the chat bot application for the cloud and voice communication.

Artificial Intelligence

Pulse provides a wide range of services built on Artificial intelligence.
Voice to text conversion with the customer support executive image on left side and script image on the right side.

Speech to Text

Convert voice calls into text using artificial intelligence and machine learning which helps in auditing and run advanced analytics. This is also called a transcription service.

This service finds great application in understanding the actual performance of your agents with respect to agent communication. Pulse can also help you give a score for every agent based on the actual words used on the call. All of this would help agents improve their communication and become more productive.

Text to Speech

Create voice bots for playing speech responses with respect to a script or instances that you have designed. These bots can automate a lot of systematic, repetitive work done by humans, thereby simplifying the workload.

An example would be, checking your flight status by entering your ticket details onto the airline IVR system and the voice system responding to you with a computerized voice.

Text to voice conversion with the customer support executive image on right side and script image on the left side.
Telemarketing executive using AI services to communicate in an effective manner

Content Filtering

Automatically filter and segregate content spoken during calls. This helps to optimize and improve customer experience and overall a great support for call quality management.

Convert Voice Calls to Text With Our Smart AI Services

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