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Update all your telephony communications in real-time on your CRM platform by using Pulse's CRM integration services.
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When a query is raised from the web app in browser the Internet requests API web server and collects data from database and respond to the query via cloud network.

How It Works?

A query is raised from the computer system and request is sent through cloud and API web server collects the data from database and responds.
A cloud with five divisions has API text on it and a telephone with three persons under it is placed to its right side.

Through API Integration

Pulse APIs allow you to create a secure communication channel to access the Pulse cloud telephony service from any third-party application.

CRM-Telephony Integration

Pulse provides seamless telephony integrations through APIs with leading CRM platforms like Bitrix, Leadsquared, Zoho, etc. and homegrown CRMs or ERPs

All telephony communications can be automatically updated in real-time on to your CRM platform. This ensures an end-to-end tracking of customer interactions, which is key for every organization to convert sales and close customer complaints.

API with CRM platform integrated with the telephone.
The settings of web phone API's to make calls directly from web.

Web-phone APIs

Build your own web application with the power to make calls directly from the web, using the pulse web-phone APIs.

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