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Truecaller Verified Business ID

Importance of Truecaller verified business caller ID

Acquiring Truecaller’s business verification empowers your business to stand out from a horde of unverified calls. A brand name, logo, category name, call reason with a green badge, and verified tick assures your customers of your brand identity, trust, and safety in the context of the calls. This gives an opportunity to your customers to distinguish between relevant and spam calls, thus ensuring your business in seamless customer interaction.
Partnering with Truecaller via Pulse enables your business to get the desired brand protection from scammers while assisting your business through enhanced call efficiency, better customer engagement that helps your business in gaining deeper insights on campaigns through detailed analytics.
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Truecaller Verified Business Solution Features

Verified badge

Display verification badge that is highlighted in green that assures brand safety for your customers

Priority Caller ID

Suited for priority business calls that help in reaching out to customers urgently.

Call Reasons

Helps your customer's experience by letting them know the reason for your call

Suitable for all dialers

Works seamlessly across all networks and operating system displays caller ID to your agents

State-of-the-art identity protection

Get your business protected by restricting business name, tag edits and logo by user community

Obtain customer reviews

Optimize the user experience by building trust with every business call.

Number grouping

Simplify business number management and access detailed information with our Number Grouping feature.

Comprehensive analytics

Our dashboard lets you access comprehensive reports on spam, user behavior, and call patterns that help you optimize your calling process.

Cost Effective Pricing

Our pricing tabs are competently priced based on number of calls landing on smartphones that utilize Truecaller app.

Video Caller ID

Utilize advanced media solution to deliver more personalized experience for your customers.

Benefits of Truecaller Verified Business Caller ID Solution for Your Enterprise

Improved customer interaction

Personalize your customer interaction for your business through our verified badge

Spam protection

Protect your business from unwanted calls/messages for more focused marketing efforts

Credibility & Trust

Build your business credibility among your customers with our verified caller ID

Qualified lead generation

Identify potential prospects, target your marketing efforts more efficiently through our diverse database.

Enhanced Brand Visibility

Increase your brand visibility and recognition through verified business caller ID

Critical data insights

Identify call patterns, user behavior, and demographic assisting your business in making data-driven decisions.

Seeking to enhance your customer engagement rate with Truecaller verified business solution?

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Frequently Asked Questions

Why Truecaller verified business solution is essential for business?

Truecaller's Verified Business solution enables organizations to improve their user experience and drive business goals by using verified business caller ID. Businesses may differentiate themselves from rivals by using Truecaller verified account to validate their caller ID and avoid fraudulent usage of their business name. 

What are the advantages for organizations acquiring Truecaller verified business caller ID?

Businesses that acquire Truecaller verified business ID can expect the following advantages:
  • Improved call connection rate
  • Higher answer rates
  • Reduced spam reports
  • Improved customer trust and satisfaction
  • Competitive advantage
  • Enhanced brand visibility

How can Truecaller help businesses in their growth strategy?

Truecaller for Business enables businesses to create trust with their consumers by assisting them in distinguishing legitimate calls from spam. This enhances not just consumer response rates but also Brand visibility.

What are the advantages for organizations acquiring Truecaller verified business caller ID?

Verified business calls are distinguished by a green badge and include the brand name, logo, and verified badge. Priority Caller ID highlights calls that are extremely essential to the end user and are time critical.

How to get verified on Truecaller for your businesses and how much time will it take to activate your Truecaller verified business identity?

To get verified on Truecaller verified business, you need to contact our team and after completing the necessary paperwork, it might take up to 48 working hours for verified company Caller id to become active.

Why choose Pulse for Truecaller verified business?

We offer comprehensive customer engagement solution, designed for enterprises and call centers, offering a unified platform with close to 2 decades of industry expertise. Our solution is available in both cloud-based and on-premise options for flexible deployment.
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