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An Introduction To On-Premise & Cloud Contact Centres

When an organisation decides to invest in a call centre, it first faces choosing between an on-premise and a cloud-based call centre. Our article intends to dive deep into this topic and list everything there is to know about these two solutions. However, before going any further, we need to understand the basic definition of an on-premise and a cloud call centre. So, let's put first things first.

What's an on-premise call centre? It is the most traditional call centre set-up where the business invests in software, installation, hardware, servers, and other physical equipment. As the name implies, these call centres are set up within the organisation's premises, and the company handles its management and maintenance.

cloud-based call centre solutions? Cloud call centres do not require installation, equipment, or heavy infrastructure. It is just the opposite of an on-premise solution. An organisation needs to partner with a reputed cloud service provider who sets up the solution with internet access with sufficient bandwidth.

Now that we've made the definitions clear let's explore the aspects that differentiate the two solutions.

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On-Premise Versus Cloud Call Centre- The Differentiating Aspects


On-premise centres take the cake when it comes to cost because they take a huge chunk of the organisation's budget. On-premise deployment requires upfront expenses for space, licenses, hardware, software, servers, and other technical paraphernalia. You also need a technical team to manage the centre.

However, there is no such infrastructural requirement for cloud call centres. All you require is a strong internet connection and a desktop, laptop, smartphone, or tablet device. Your provider will also offer flexible, cost-effective payment options that will not cause a dent in your finances.


Upscaling and downscaling an on-premise set-up is a task easier said than done. Apart from the physical work, scaling will also require extra financing. On the contrary, a cloud-based setup is a lot easier and flexible when it comes to scalability. With a couple of clicks and a few technical tweaks, your cloud call centre can be upgraded or downgraded without additional expenses. You can also easily increase or decrease the number of agents as per your seasonal demands.


In terms of analytics, on-premise solutions are still a far cry away from cloud-based call centre solutions, despite the addition of features like auto attendants and call routing. Furthermore, to generate analytic reports from on-premise centres, you have to invest in these features as they are not in-built.
A cloud-based platform can give you real-time analytics about call rates, average call time, abandonment rates, performance reports, and a lot more. All the metrics are displayed on a real-time dashboard and upgraded automatically, thereby ensuring anytime access.

Business Continuity

Even as on-premise centres operate smoothly, things can come to a sudden halt when there's a technical disaster. It takes a lot of time and manual effort to get servers up and running again. Furthermore, if you are thinking about relocating your office, shifting to an on-premise call centre can be an arduous task.

Contrariwise, cloud-based call centre solutions will not take more than a couple of days to set up if you are relocating. Moreover, you can easily resolve any technical issues and ensure continuity in your services.

The Advantages Of On-Premise & Cloud-Based Call Centre Solutions

Here's a list of the advantages of both types of solutions to help you understand and make a choice.

On-Premise Call centres:

  • Complete ownership of hardware, software, installation, and maintenance.
  • Offers in-house data storage
  • Provides autonomous control over the operations.

Going by our analysis and the list of advantages, cloud-based call centres have the upper hand. Success with your cloud call centre depends on the provider you've chosen. This is why Pulse Unified Communications service provider is the best choice to invest in a cloud call centre. Pulse is the preferred choice of numerous organisations in India. Contact our team today to get a demo of our cloud-based call centre solutions.

Cloud Call Centre:

  • Economically viable and better ROI
  • Faster deployment
  • Easier scalability and flexibility
  • Enables operations even with a remote working team
  • Improved security
  • Pay only for what you use
  • Reliable cloud infrastructural support
  • Anywhere, anytime access
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