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Proven uptime and stability of ILL through RF that supports VOIP without even the slightest compromise on the quality of service.
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ILL and VoIP by Pulse

Pulse started its service on Internet Lease Line through Wi-Max. Expanded its infra to support the market condition and came up with RF media. Pulse has proven the quality and uptime that no provider could compete with the service level offered.

Customers were not satisfied with the Last mile RF connectivity for VoIP, whereas Pulse has proven the stability and uptime of ILL through RF that support VoIP without any compromise in quality of service.

Pulse stepped its next level of service through fibre after the impact of natural calamity that vigorously affected the service through RF. Pulse started with dual last mile, i.e. RF and Fibre, to all client who are given higher bandwidth. And dual RF connectivity to all clients who do not opt for fibre as the last mile.

Pulse signed up with CMRL (Chennai Metro Rail Limited) to strengthen its infra connecting all BSTN’s through fiber running through the metro stations in and around Chennai covering a distance of 45 Kmtrs.

Incomparable Service Quality With Unmatched Expertise

Delivering innovative unified communication services to enterprises all across the globe with a special focus on quality, reliability and commitment to customer satisfaction.
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