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Key Features of our Internet Calling Solution

Utilize our solution that can be set up easily allowing for effortless collaboration being accessed from anywhere, anytime.

User Management

Adjust the number of users as needed and ensure appropriate permissions for increased productivity.

Advanced Call Management

Deliver exceptional customer experiences with our user-friendly features, fostering brand loyalty through streamlined interactions.

Multi-Level Reports

Improve your business with our advanced analytics and reporting to drive performance and reach new heights.

Why Trust Pulse Solution?

As a top telecom solution provider in India, Pulse offers more than just an ordinary web phone. Our all inclusive solution is matched by its user convenience and live dedicated support that maximizes the productivity of both sales and support teams.

Access to advanced Features

Transform your customer experience to the next level with the best internet calling app from Pulse offering intelligent routing, custom CRM integrations, audio conferencing, automated text messaging, and more.

24/7 Live Dedicated Support

Make use of our technical team who can assist with your queries at any time, ensuring hassle-free setup with an excellent onboarding process for the swift operation of your business.

Affordable Pricing

With our internet calling solution, you can be assured of no hidden charges, or complex pricing models through our affordable pricing framework.

Smooth Integration

Easily integrate your calling solution onto the CRM of your choice using our customized APIs

Instant Access

No need to download our solution, just log in with the necessary credentials and start interacting right away.

Highly Secure

Comply with industry regulations with our solution which is incorporated with an encrypted calling feature to ensure secure interaction.

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Our Internet Calling Solution Specialty

Engaging customer interaction effortlessly

Unified Communication Platform

Whether your business needs to send SMS, make calls, or interact using WhatsApp business solution with your potential prospects, your business can capitalize on our internet calling software as it eliminates switching between multiple tabs or windows with its secure login platform.

Communicate in Various Platforms

From Android to PC, our internet calling application lets you engage with your customers on their preferred communication medium which builds trust and drive conversions.

Optimizing business performance
Easy Call Transfer

Swift Issue Resolution

By leveraging our advanced IVR, your enterprise can transfer those calls to the necessary departments to ensure no customer queries go unanswered.

Get Virtual Numbers

Want to ensure your professional life and personal life remain separate? Our telecom specialists let you choose your desired virtual number series that shows your business number when you are making calls from the software on your PC.

Aiding customer inquiries anytime
Custom CRM Integrations to make a call

Custom CRM Integrations for Refining Customer Journey

Need to integrate the CRM of your choice? Our internet calling solution can be integrated with any CRM or with popular CRMs that let you refine your customer journey without toggling between multiple tabs or applications.

Start Interacting with our internet calling
Software in just 2 Minutes!

From utilizing virtual numbers in making the first call, all it takes is just 2 Minutes to initiate calls using our internet calling web app.
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Monitor and track calls
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How to use our Webphone

Secure Sign In
Sign in with the appropriate username and password and start using it immediately!
Using the dial pad in the solution, type the desired number or select contacts from the contact list and start interacting right away! Secured way of interacting with your customers!
Our Telecom Solution Suite
Enhance your business communication with Pulse exclusive telecom solutions that optimize your business operations with increased productivity.
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