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RF Connectivity for Greater Bandwidth

Let your applications work seamlessly using RF devices that adopt the latest technological standards.

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Closer view of signal passing from top of the tower for different cloud and voice communication.

RF Last Mile

Schematic representation of signal passing from the tower of network operation center to the customer location.
Schematic diagram explaining the line of sight concept with multiple towers.

Pulse RF

Pulse RF- Pulse deploys state of the art devices to provide high bandwidth with latency almost equal to that of fibre, ensuring applications like video conferencing, voice applications, SAP, ERP, etc., work seamlessly.

Our RF devices are constantly upgraded to support long-distance connectivity with the best in class encryption standards.

The RF devices are so designed that the radio signals will not be impacted even when the climatic conditions vary from heavy rains to extreme heat.

Get the Best Long-Distance Connectivity with the Latest Encryption Standards

Delivering innovative unified communication services to enterprises all across the globe with a special focus on quality, reliability and commitment to customer satisfaction.
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