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Leverage multiple combinations of transport services to secure connections with applications.
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Internet, being a central part, is disseminated throughout multiple locations via data center.
The central part is a tall building called data center is offering network connection to 6 locations and IT networks each of which have routers.

Information Security

Through SD WAN controller, the public network in the form of MPLS, broadband, 3G/ 4G and Pulse fiber is disseminated to branch office from cloud provider, each have routers.
What is SD-WAN?
A Software-defined Wide Area Network (SD-WAN) is a virtual WAN architecture that allows enterprises to leverage any combination of transport services including MPLS, ILL, LTE and broadband internet services to securely connect users to applications.
Functioning of SD-WAN

The SD-WAN appliance is generally controlled by a central server that defines the rules. This can be pushed down to the appliances at each site. This will be the Central cloud control panel.

Pulse SD-WAN is used to connect enterprise networks, including branch offices and data centres, over large geographic distances. SD-WAN solutions include a special device at every site. In all cases, it's where the VPNs / ILL / Broadband terminate and where the routing decisions are made.

A computer system with internet facility is sharing its network with other three computer systems and these are interconnected via cloud.

Reasons For Migrating From MPLS To SD-WAN

  • Deployment is through the central panel with zero / one-touch provisioning
  • MPLS is more expensive when compared to the internet in today's scenario
  • SD-WAN has better features over MPLS in terms of uptime, port aggregation, work capability with different last mile characters like ILL, Broadband, LTE, best path selection with load balancing
  • MPLS Security can be replaced with VPN setup over the Internet( ILL/ Broadband)
  • Maintenance and Monitoring is through cloud / App which helps with better monitoring metrics like link utilization, uptime.
A person is working on a computer system and texts like SD WAN and MPLS are written on his right and left sides, while there is a arrow symbol goes to SD WAN text from MPLS.

Build a robust, scalable and cost-effective network architecture using Pulse SD-WAN.

Unique Features Of Pulse SD-WAN

Bundling of WAN Links

This means aggregating bandwidth across all WAN (ILL, MPLS, LTE, ELL) connections, so they can even be used for a single flow.

Improves Reliability

By using two broadband or dedicated internet access circuits with 99% reliability, the overall reliability rises to 99.99%

Quality Check

Pulse SD-WAN devices will sense the quality of all the connections for a specified data connection and route the traffic through the best path, based on rules that you specify with respect to packet loss, latency, jitter and available bandwidth on each link.

Traffic Engineering

Traffic engineering is the process of defining how traffic is to be routed based on advanced routing decisions as follows,

  • Quality of Service (QoS)
  • Deep packet analysis of the protocol information in the data payload
  • Congestion detection and rerouting of excess traffic to the secondary line
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