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Understand The Term "Number Masking"

In the era of cloud technology, Number Masking is the new superhero that protects sensitive business data. This new and unique term refers to a system that discreetly conceals the contact numbers of the business and the consumer. The service "masks" the real number with a temporary number every single time an interaction happens. Only a temporary number is visible to both parties, allowing absolute privacy and protection for customer-related information. It is an effective proactive measure to show customers that you care about their privacy and prioritise data protection.

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What Is The Need For Number Masking?

To maintain a strong client relationship, it is imperative to protect client data. Similarly, demonstrating your trustworthiness and commitment to your clients goes a long way. We are living in times where customer experience can no longer be taken for granted. A recent study by Deloitte reveals astonishing facts that reiterate the same. According to the study, consumers will share their good experiences with only nine people but share their bad experiences with at least 16 peers. Such is the power of an unsavoury event.

Number masking plays a unique role in building brand loyalty. It is a professional way to handle sensitive customer data. When customers know that your business takes extra effort to protect their information, they are more likely to value your company, the products and the services.

Now that we've explored the definition of number masking let's dive deeper into cloud-based technology works.

How Does Number Masking Work?

Let's create a hypothetical situation where your customer Mr A calls your business to order or inquire about pricing. Your service provider's server will mask Mr. A's number with a temporary number. The call is then connected to the virtual number that your business owns. Thus, there are different numbers on both ends, and the actual numbers remain hidden until the duration of the call.

Number masking creates a win-win situation for both parties. Customers need not worry about their numbers being misused. On the other hand, businesses do not have to put up with the burden of spam calls. Communication between you and your customer is short-term without revealing any non-essential information. Therefore, it is safe to say that number masking hardly has any disadvantages. Security may be the obvious advantage, but it is not the only pro on the list.

The Advantages Of Number Masking

  • It increases your trustworthiness, brand loyalty, sales, and positive customer reviews.
  • Allows your business to focus on high quality and promising customer conversions.
  • Delivers an impressive customer experience that generates valuable word of mouth and good recommendations.
  • Helps to fortify your professionalism, improve your brand image and attract new customers.
  • Enables your communication on a business platform and eliminates any exchange of personal information.
  • Eliminates the need for an operator to connect the two parties manually.
  • Promotes better customer engagement as your customers are comfortable with the privacy and anonymity that you provide.

Let us further explore the various applications of number masking in the current business scenario.

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4 Important Business Applications Of Number Masking

1. Communication for cab services

The number of taxi services in India has skyrocketed in recent years. There are even bike services being introduced in many cities. Every day, thousands of calls are made via mobile apps to connect with these services. Number masking is used to ensure the privacy and safety of both the cab driver and the customer. Each transaction is associated with a temporary number, but neither party can use the same number to reconnect.

2. Discussion of monetary transactions

Most people are wary of discussing monetary details over the phone. However, with number masking, sellers and buyers can communicate without worrying about the safety of their personal information.

3. Coordination with delivery agents

Coordinating with courier service agents and food delivery personnel is becoming more common with every passing day. Number masking allows you to safely communicate with the delivery staff without being concerned about the safety of your number.

4. Online shopping transactions

Many online shopping portals prefer contacting their customers to confirm an order or for any other reason concerning the same. Such communication can be safely done with number masking.

The Final Word

Customers value their privacy, and they tend to lean towards businesses that prioritise the same. Maintaining privacy requires a robust and effective solution in this tech era, and number masking may be just the right one for businesses. Pulse Unified Communication service provider offers superior number masking services. Take the technological leap with Pulse. Call +9190929 90924 and our team will get in touch with you.

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