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Voice Broadcasting: A Big Boon For Insurance Companies

Establishing their presence is a prime objective for all businesses. To do so, organisations have to constantly communicate with each other. Businesses need to constantly reach out to new prospects and maintain relationships with existing clients.
Insurance companies, in particular, need to reach out to individuals they identify as potential customers. As commercial service providers, insurance companies are required to sell their services.

In practice, however, it is not feasible for every company to hire representatives to make door-to-door visits and improve their brand visibility. Moreover, this process would require a lot of expenditure without guaranteeing that it will generate any revenue. However, the emergence of new communication channels enables insurance companies to deliver round-the-clock customer service, which is both affordable and efficient. Amongst the many solutions, Voice Broadcasting services have become a potential tool for insurance companies. Want to know how and why? Read on further.

What Is Voice Broadcasting & How Does It Work?

Voice Broadcasting is what the name implies. It is a technological communication channel that allows you to communicate with thousands of customers simultaneously. For example, suppose a company wants to deliver a particular message to its customers. In that case, it can use voice broadcasting to pre-record the message and then deliver it to its entire customer base.

Voice broadcasting is ideal for insurance businesses that have to constantly keep in touch with their customers because:

  • It can spread messages regarding promos, discounts, offers, and new arrivals.
  • All the data can be stored in an organised manner and used for future reference.
  • Voice broadcasting is easy to set up and very user-friendly.

Making this tech solution work to your advantage requires no rocket science. Voice broadcasting's brilliant Text- to- Speech feature works wonderfully to promote insurance services. The process works in four easy steps.

Step 1
Recording your message

Using the Text-to-Speech feature, you can record your voice message or upload an audio file you have already saved in your system. Your message should be concise but have all the required information you wish to deliver.

Step 2
Uploading contacts

In the next step of the process, you can upload the list of contact numbers of your existing customers into the system. Once you've uploaded the list, you can send the pre-recorded message to all the customers with a single click.

Step 3
Monitoring records

You can save all the call recordings and maintain stacked data of the voice messages exchanged between your insurance company and the customers. You can use this saved data for future references, training purposes, and report generation.

Step 4

You can use the compilation of feedbacks to track your growth and initiate new changes in your insurance schemes.
With Voice Broadcasting at your disposal, what are the benefits you gain for your insurance company? Take a look at the following list.

What Voice Broadcasting Does For Insurance Companies

Enables easy communication

Voice broadcasting's text-to-speech feature is ideal for situations when managers cannot record a message due to lack of equipment or time. This feature allows you to upload your text message, which the automated system will convert into a neat voice message.

Improves customer service

Does bad customer service plague your insurance company? Upgrade your customer interactions with Voice broadcasting and witness the amazing transformation in just a few days. Voice broadcasting allows you to:

  • Gather customer ratings and feedbacks by informing customers of feedback calls.
  • Broadcast reminders related to pending payments, premium deadlines, and annual bonuses.
  • Garner insights from recorded customer engagements to ascertain the customer's satisfaction with the service.

Voice broadcasting is your quick and surefire way to enhance your company's customer service.

Garners new leads

Voice broadcasting helps you break barriers and tap into a wider pool of clients. You can easily bridge the communication gap and contact prospective buyers at any location. And since this technology is less intrusive than agents, you have a better chance of lead conversions. With a broader range of clientele, you can build your brand image and generate higher productivity for your company.

Provides quicker response

Customers are always demanding, and they always have a lot of doubts and queries. Insurance company customers are no different. Moreover, insurance is an avenue that concerns a lot of investment from the customer. Therefore, they are bound to have questions for which they will want immediate answers.
Since voice broadcasting is extremely flexible, it facilitates customers with a quick way of listening to recorded messages related to their frequently asked questions.

Relays after-sales messages

For any business, after-sales communication is as important as pre-sales communication. You can get full marks from your customers for impressing them with your prompt after-sales messages by using voice broadcasting's automated system. A simple "Thankyou" message will personalise the interaction leading to customer retention.

Voice Broadcasting: An All-In-All Solution For Insurers

Voice broadcasting is the modern-day boon for the insurance sector, where communication is key for survival. It can simplify a wide range of tasks like:

  • Customising your advertising message
  • Altering your pre-recorded message
  • Running multiple call campaigns
  • Filtering the numbers in the Do Not Call list

This wonder tool is a must to optimise your time and money.
Would you like to empower your communication with Voice Broadcasting? Look no further than Pulse, Unified Communication Service Provider. Pulse's Voice Broadcasting services come with compelling features that can propel your lead conversion to the next level. Contact our team to tailor your requirements.

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