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Pulse Toll Free number boosts brand loyalty, making it easy for potential customers to connect, enhancing satisfaction with seamless communication.

Customized Number

Pulse offers handpicked toll free numbers tailored to your business needs, enhancing accessibility for potential customers around the clock.

Incorporating IVR

Enhance customer experience with IVR on your toll free number. Customers can quickly reach the right department by selecting IVR options for swift query resolution.

Send News, Offers, Product Announcements to your Customers
Send News, Offers, Product Announcements to your Customers

International wide access

Toll free numbers enhance global recognition and enable businesses to handle multiple customer calls from anywhere, improving customer interaction.

Measured ROI

Integrating a toll free number into your business enables ROI monitoring in marketing. It helps assess marketing effectiveness by tracking incoming calls to that number.

Enhanced Cloud Communication Abilities

Our toll free number in the Cloud includes advanced call tracking, agent productivity monitoring, call recording, unlimited parallel calls on one number, and more.

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Top 3 toll free number features

In today's fast-changing world, businesses must go beyond just selling products. They must become an essential part of the customer experience. Toll free numbers are a valuable solution in this regard. They provide customers with a free way to contact your business, with no call charges on their end. Your business covers all incoming and outgoing call costs, making it easier for customers to reach you.

Connect with your customers effortlessly and affordably using Pulse Toll Free Numbers. Choose a personalized toll free number to make it easy for your customers, partners, and dealers to reach you without extra charges, no matter where or when they call. Enhance customer satisfaction with quicker responses and efficient customer management.

Boost your marketing and reputation with Pulse, the top toll free number service provider. Offering customers a free and easy way to contact you, a toll free number can elevate your business. When you pair it with an Interactive Voice Response (IVR) system, you enhance efficiency. This combo adds value and lets you handle high call volumes without extra costs.

Get a toll free number in India within 72 hours through Pulse

Pulse Toll Free Number Features

  • CRM Integration

    Seamlessly integrate your current toll-free numbers with our CRM software, empowering your sales and customer service teams.

    Call Recording

    Allows you to capture and store incoming calls for the purposes of training, ensuring quality standards, or adhering to regulatory compliance requirements.

    IVR Menu

    Greet Your Customers with Tailored Messages and Direct Them to the Appropriate Executive.
  • Live Panel

    Our toll-free services come with a live panel that enables you to monitor and efficiently manage all your customer call logs.

    Call Transfer

    Facilitate seamless call transfer between agents to expedite customer issue resolution within a single call.

    Click to Call

    Effortlessly reconnect with missed customer calls through seamless one-tap click-to-call functionality.
  • Call Tracking

    Efficiently monitor and assess the performance of calls at each stage to optimize their effectiveness.

    Call Reports

    Gain comprehensive and personalized insights into all your inbound and outbound calls with access to detailed reports.

    Unlimited Concurrent Call

    Utilize this capability to efficiently address all incoming calls and promptly resolve customer concerns.
  • Call Queue

    Implement intelligent call queues to optimize agent staffing based on incoming call volume.

    Inbound SLA

    Generate reports in accordance with agreed Service Level Agreements (SLAs).

    VIP Queue

    Ensure a seamless and efficient resolution of issues for your high-profile customers, prioritizing their satisfaction during their calling experience
  • Custom Call Routing

    Improve customer satisfaction and reduce wait times by customizing incoming call interactions to suit specific departments or individuals with this feature.

    Profanity Detection

    Ensure professional, respectful customer service by monitoring and avoiding the use of sensitive or inappropriate words to uphold the company's image and enhance customer satisfaction

Choosing Ideal Toll Free Number Service for Businesses

Get your personalized toll free number starting with the prefix 1800 number in a matter of 3 Days
Number Choice
Select your ideal toll free number from our extensive list, whether it's a standard, premium, or vanity number, to suit your business communication requirements.
Quick Setup
Quickly access our vast toll-free number list to enhance customer engagement within just 72 hours.

Connect Call Routing
Make a plan to move customers to the appropriate departments at the appropriate time.

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