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Number Masking - What Is It?

As consumerism expands by leaps and bounds, data privacy is a growing concern for businesses and customers. People are very wary about revealing private details, especially their phone numbers. A mobile phone number is a doorway to sensitive data like bank account details, email accounts, social media accounts, etc..

Number Masking has come to the rescue at the right time when cyber criminals are using every possible way to hack into customers' details. It is a cloud-based technology that protects businesses and customers from fraudulent misuse of their contact numbers.

But is that all Number Masking does? No. The technology is perceived as a solution that bridges the connection between two parties and protects both their identities with temporary numbers. Thus it is a win-win situation for the customer and the business they are dealing with.

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How Does Number Masking Help?

Despite its popularity, some companies are still of the opinion that number masking is not a necessity. But it is! Number masking is a solution an organisation invests in, not only for itself but also for its customers.

This cloud-based telephony solution is helping businesses strengthen their customer trust and confidence. As a result, number masking is helping businesses improve brand loyalty by catering to the confidentiality element, which is a top priority for customers. Statistics that reiterate this fact reveal that at least 65% of the customers are confident in businesses that adopt number masking solutions. People also tend to lean towards brands that do not seek out their information. In short, number masking allows businesses to showcase their professionalism and encourage secure conversions.

Although many businesses are using number masking, some industrial sectors have made this solution indispensable. Let's explore some of the business applications where number masking is highly prevalent.

5 Business Use Cases Of Number Masking

1.Car and bike aggregators

In India, cab services play an instrumental role in people's lives, and cab companies have gained immense popularity within a few years of being in business. Some companies are even renting out bikes. These businesses are wholly responsible for the safety of the customers who avail of their service. The rider connects with the business using their mobile app. The number masking service connects them to an allocated driver by masking the rider's number with a temporary one. Hence, the driver can contact the rider using the masking number and vice versa. Number masking prevents any breach of privacy for the rider and the driver.

2. E-Commerce businesses

The e-commerce industry alone handles the delivery of thousands of orders every single day. Hence, it is only fair that they adopt a secure communication channel for their customers. The business sends a masked number to the delivery agent and the customer for further communication. As sensitive customer data is kept under wraps, people can complete their transactions without inhibitions.

3. Food Delivery agents

Every second of the day, thousands of food delivery agents are zipping across the length and breadth of their cities. Food delivery businesses are very particular about their agents reaching the correct destinations on time. To facilitate this need, number masking allows them to call their customers for route directions. But the customer's numbers are discreetly hidden by temporary numbers to ensure their anonymity.

4. Logistics sectors

Logistics companies need to connect delivery agents with their customers, and very often, the delivery agents may belong to third-party companies. In any case, customers are wary about their numbers being shared with unknown people. Therefore logistics providers use number masking to protect the customer information during these short-lived communications. Besides, number masking also allows them to track and record the conversation and prevents agents from giving false updates.

5. Healthcare industry

In the current health crisis scenario, many healthcare professionals are going out of their way to reach out to patients. While they want to make it easy for their patients to contact them, many doctors and physicians do not want to give away their real numbers. Call masking helps to safeguard the doctors' contact details and ensures they render their service without any hindrance.

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