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Voice Broadcasting: IVR Blast

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 August 10, 2021

A Voice Messaging Service or Voice Broadcasting or Call Blasting is the process by which an individual or organization uses computer technology to send pre-recorded phone messages to a number of community members at a single time.

Voice Blasting Solutions

Pulse Call Blasting Solutions can deliver a customized message and request touch-tone responses from recipients. In addition, pulse Voice Broadcasting Solutions licenses you to easily interface with various customers, all the while ensuring your business message, ad, or inside group instructions is conveyed quickly.
Voice Broadcasting: IVR Blast - Pulse Telesystems
Voice Broadcast frees you from physically dialling telephone numbers and verbally repeating the same message to your target recipient. Instead, pulse Voice Broadcasting automatically dials phone numbers and transmits thousands of voice messages per day.

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Voice Broadcasting: IVR Blast - Pulse Telesystems
The cost effectiveness of contacting mass crowds along with the ease to send,all day and all 365 days of the year would make Pulse Voice Broadcasting solutions as the preferred solution for you in picking a viable way to keep in contact with clients.

Pulse voice broadcasting solution will help to improve your customers experience by remaining connected with customers. Organizations,like yours would now have the option to use a more practical way to communicate with your external and internal customer.

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