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Call Routing Software and Strategy

Outbound Call Center Software
 July 28, 2020

Are you running a Call Centre? Are you servicing in Customer care? Do you give customer support?

We can provide you with a Customised, Call Routing Software solution to meet your everyday challenges to enhance your customer satisfaction. The IVR can be played according to your preference. The customer can choose the language, department to which they need to talk and the range of products they are interested in, etc.

Is it possible to serve the Premium Customers and High End customers in a Special Way?

You can define your Premium Customers and High-End customers and track their registered phone numbers separately or give them a separate number to approach the call center.
This could be incorporated into the solution we provide. This will reduce the time they wait in the queue.

You can route their calls to efficient experienced customer care executives who can give a solution to solve the problem or assign the task to the person who would visit the customer to solve the issue. If the calls were unanswered due to the lack of your agents, voice messages can be generated. The next available agent can call the customer to win their confidence.

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Customers try to buy high-end products or premium products and services paying a high price with the confidence that they need not worry about that product anymore. But the moment they find any fault in the product, it causes a lot of anxiety. When customer care cordially handles the issues and renders service and support it builds up the trust of the customer and the customer will continue with the same brand. If not you are really going to lose your high-end customer.

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How can you channel your calls to the right executive?

You can plan the sequence of questions that can be custom-made for you in your IVR to land the call to the appropriate customer care executives to avoid wastage of time and energy. We have the expertise to suggest to you how you can overcome your hurdles if you illustrate your type of business.

customers directed to correct sales advisor using call routing

Not only the Premium Customers, but all customers create great value and are the backbone of all business. Therefore, all customers should be treated with respect. The queue position and the tentative time of waiting can be announced without testing the patience of the customer. If the customer is unable to wait, can give a provision to leave a message, and according to the requirement, the next available executive can call the customer to give a solution.

Is it necessary to have the customer care executives in the same office? You can have your customer care executives anywhere, the calls routed to them according to your program would facilitate resolving the issues. The direct visits could be assigned to the nearest executive.

customer directed to correct telesales executive using IVR menu language selection
Is this a Mere Call Routing?
Certainly No. You can use this software as a life wire of your call centre if you get your call routing software tailor-made by our expertise which will promote your products and service to a great extent.

Customer Experience
You would create a great experience for the customer and the customer will continue to buy your service and products. Even your executives will have job satisfaction.

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